mitch & char

mitch & char

Saturday, May 31

Here at Last, thank God Almighty we are here at last :-)

We arrived late this evening (9pm) all safe and sound. Tomorrow is a day of relaxation, recooperation, and worship. we will go to the new project(where the field will be) and worship with Pastor Kenji and his congregation. What an honor to get to worship with them. The team is excited and ready for tomorrow-after worship, we will tour the city and a few of the other Mission of Mercy centers where children are being cared for... once again, we are reminded about how critical it is that we continue doing this work for our Lord-it is making a huge impact here! We have already run into 8-10 people/friends from last year-and somehow they remember this 6foot 4inch Gringo :-) Monday(the big work starts at 7:30am!)we head off to the field and start clearing, leveling and loving on the neighbors.
We are all off to bed now, it has been a sleepless 36 hours to get here, but we trust that He will renew our strength. The team is incredible-friendships already being formed, and incredibly "God" experiences already. More tomorrow- Good night.

In Denver

The bus arrived early, all are checked in, and we now wait at the gate to head off to Miami. We will get into DR at 7pm. Please pray for strength for the team, and good rest today. 29 of the 34 members road all night in a bus from Rapid City-and definately will need sleep.

More from DR Soon!!!

Thursday, May 29

Ready to Go

The team is assembled and ready to go.. from Spearfish, to Rapid City, to Orin Junction to Denver-an overnight bus ride awaits. We are excited to see Him move in this trip, and will continue to keep you posted while we are away. Thank you for your prayers-they truly are needed. The enemy does not want this trip to happen. To me, that means that there is something incredible to be done for our Lord and Savior. Please continue to pray for the team. Many have suffered great losses the past week, injuries, sickness, fears and more.

Sunday, May 4

Mission Dominican Republic

What an amazing weekend.. from 0" to 48" of snow, the DR team traveled from in town to 8 hours away to meet each other and find out more about what they will be doing for the Lord in the Dominican. I have the distinct honor of being part of this team of 34 people. An amazing group of "friends" KSLT/KLMP/The Point Staff, Hills Alive coordinator, previous team members from past trips(junkies-lol). and a number of first time trip takers. All united in one cause- to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the Dominican people. We will be leaving in just four weeks -and our prayer is that we will be building phase one of a sports and project complex. Right now, nearly 2000 children are being cared for in the Dominican, and we hope to finish the baseball diamond for the kids to have a safe place to come. (currently, they are receiving food, clothing, medical assistance, education, and are hearing about how much Jesus loves them).

This is an amazing group of people, and i am thrilled to see what God would reveal to each of us. Over 1/2 of the team will be meeting their sponsored children and families there in the Dominican Republic. It is hard to imagine that just $30 per month truly makes a difference in the lives of these children-and we have seen first hand-it is the difference of LIFE!