mitch & char

mitch & char

Saturday, June 29

July? What? when did that happen?

Wow, middle of winter here, cooling down into high 30s at night-please pray for the kids and communities we are serving-they do not have the luxuries we have(electricity, blankets, etc) and this is the season where sickness takes hold.


It has been an exciting month here in South Africa.  This is what YOU have helped equip us with:

-29 person Missionary retreat at “the compound”

-securing the aforementioned compound! (Praise The Lord)

-Paul joined us from Swaziland(brilliant former intern that does ALL of the Cup Videos-you have seen his great work)-now working with mitch for furthering the awareness messages of our kids

-3 teams from America

-5 stoves being built (giant round pots(pic attached) and clean water to several communities

-2 preschools/daycares starting(thanks to another missionary(Beth Phillips) not attached to Children’s Cup for designing the wall art!!) (we LOVE partnerships)(pic attached)

-2 Afrikaans women and families have joined us in funding a church building for my friend Pastor Richard

-a generous giver helped us build Richard a house and moved him out of his tarpaper home(pic attached)-oh what joy he and his family have!

-Growth in Badplaas, Elukwatini, Tjakastad and Nhlazatshe thanks to our partners at “Emoyeni”.  Darryl(previous pastor in USA) is a South African passionate man that loves the people like we do- such Grace and we could not have a better friend or partner(answer to many prayers!)

-launched Children’s Cup Child sponsorship program- now hundreds of OUR kids are available for americans to connect with (this has been a big undertaking and we are excited about the future and stability it brings to our programs)


What’s next?


-Get you over here!

-hire teachers

-train staff to love kids deeper(fathers heart/love)

-implement medical programs

-implement tutoring programs

-enhance bible clubs with kids(working with pastors and equipping them better)

-show you around when you arrive (are you getting the hint? )


Our community is a challenging one.  A lot of racism still exists here, the White population is generally Afrikaans(dutch), and we are trying to make connections.  Many of the Afrikaans are not fond of “English” speakers, so we are finding international community(a whole bunch of misfits like us) to connect with- quite blessed!


We love you- THANK YOU for sending us.  Please keep up with our life on Facebook(pics, stories, etc), I assure you, we stalk you whenever we can :-=)


M n C


Monday, June 17

Judas and Jesus

hmm.. been reading alot about JC and trying to gain an understanding of the depth of His heart.  He knew (being God in the flesh), from the beginning of time that Judas would betray him, yet-he involved Judas in his life as a trusted disciple...if you read the story up until the point of the betrayal, one would never know that Judas was gonna sell out his Savior.
We have had surprising disappointments with individuals we have discipled here in Africa, yet the positive outcomes far outweigh the negative.  Those negatives catch us off-guard, betrayal, deceit, etc... 
What i see in Christ is that EVEN if you KNOW someone will betray you-to still teach and work with and LOVE them...and not just superficially...perhaps he uses the last minute to have the deceit revealed because He knows that in our flesh we would not invest in those people if we knew what they would do to us at a later time.

Oh to Love like Jesus