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mitch & char

Thursday, November 15

Update from Mitch n Char

Return to Africa, Christmas Celebrations, Prayer requests, and a $100,000 matching grant in our name- WOW



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Sunday, November 4

see what we feel

Want a glimpse into our mind?  During this crazy journey this year, we realized a number of things.  God does not abandon His people.  He is good and does good.  He has a plan that is not necessarily about "me".  Prior to leaving Africa 2 weeks ago, we came to the below realisation:
2 Chronicles chapter 20.. especially around verses 16 and 17.  There is a battle waging for our souls, and the enemy prowls like a lion(i can relate to that-i live in africa). BUT, GOD said "i got this, i have already won this battle". (after jehosephat had 3 armies bearing down on him)-God told him "i have gone ahead of you and already won- stand fast"- The enemy intended to destroy Jehosephat and his army, BUT GOD(dont you love the "but God" moments?) took what was once again intended for evil and made it good.  The army then began to sift through the plunder(good stuff) they got after the battles.  It took DAYS to collect. so much plunder-it turned to praise and they renamed the valley to Baraka(valley of Praise).. My dear friend, i had a battle for my soul, and now i have SO much plunder from this experience. Compassion, Love, understanding of intercessory prayer,...the list continues to grow.  It was not about ME.  It was about the one who met Christ in hearing Charlottes steadfast daily devotional reading and seeing how she and mom handled every situation in prayer.  It was about the countless people that put aside differences and focused on a common goal.  It was about families reuniting as they realize the only things that matter to them.  It was about thousands of folks(many we have yet to meet)that were re-connecting to the Father through prayer(OH what a beautiful thing)...
I am not saying (yet) that i am grateful for the medical experience, but i am eternally grateful for what God has revealed through it.  The intimacy in which He delivered it to us, and the promise He has being fulfilled in our lives.