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mitch & char

Friday, January 23


Some of the more frequent questions we have gotten from those seeking trips or a life overseas. Perhaps this will be step one to helping answer those questions. The main thing to remember- If HE is calling you.. HE will equip you in all ways- physically, spiritually and financially. One thing to remember- How you are now is likely to be how you are in Africa. If you are not discipling someone now-you most likely will struggle discipling someone in a new culture.
How much does it take to live there? Well, depending on your flexibillity, our missionary couples live on less than $850 per month. and are trying to scale that back.
How much does it take to take a team trip there? We generally see a ground cost for 10 days with transport, food, lodging, projects and game animal experience around $900 per person plus airfare and insurances. Trips for 10 days on the ground average $2600-2900
How much of your money goes to ministry? We are fortunate as our personal expenses are funded by investments. Donor funds-92.5% goes into effective ministry(not personal usage). We utilize an agency that specializes in doing the paperwork and accounting for missionaries-that does cost 10% of the total gifts made, however our investments offest 2.5% of that...
How do you get a visa?- GREAT QUESTION- we are still trying. Never give up- if you KNOW God called you, He will take care of the issues. It's a process, but one worth going through. (and now you have someone that can help you in that process)
How do i become a missionary? - contact us, we would love to talk to you about your involvement. Short or long term. We approach things similar to the book of Acts. Our leaders all sit down and talk and when we all feel the Holy Spirit(our Spiritual covering) confirm, we make a move- this is for projects as well as approving missionaries.
Where do you live? do you have stores and food? running water and electricity?... Yes we have a nice concrete home, there are several small stores to get all the necessities and nice gardens to grow the rest, the butcher is our friend. We have water that comes 24x7 out of an artesian well from the ground (very blessed) and electricity is usually on.
Any other questions? if you have them, others may too!
Would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, January 6

Mr Malaza - and a stern rebuke

It was late November and we were getting work done at eDwaleni(the pastors and leaders training center).  The neighbor came over.  He apparently had dreadlocks at one point-and shaved his head, except for 1 "lock".  This thick Sharpie pen sized thing bouncing about the right side of his head-just above his ear.

The Chiefs office had marked the land we just occupied, and Mr. M had a concern saying they were pushing him out and that part of that land was his.  He was...Very High (He had just walked from the back of the property from smoking something under the tree).

He came up and his eyes were darting and he was a bit twitchy. I explained that he can no longer do those things near our property, or i will have to call the police(i was quite stern-culturally it's not the best thing to be direct).  He said "Call them, they know i do this, they don't care.  He then said "you know i believe in God, you pray for me".  So we did.  We prayed that the devils influence in his life would cease, that the void would be filled with the Holy Spirit, and that he would be cured from needing substances to escape.

(i am confident that the devil was controlling him in his actions and speaking)

I felt bad about the harsh tone i had used with him-even though it was most likely not even him, and I took advise from Luke 6:28 "Bless those that curse you".  He was definitely cursing us.  I brought back some corn meal and soups for him the following day.  It took him 3 hours to receive the gift-he thought i put poison in it to get rid of him.  

He has wandered around the neighborhood ever since.  Today, as i was painting there, he walked in and said "I saw you come in and wanted to see you".  I said "MALAZA, i am so happy to see you, how are you?" He pointed to his head-"do you see a difference?".  I said "where is your dread lock?".  He explained that he cut it off...

This is where I was so encouraged;  I don't know if he told me the truth, but i am believing for it!  His response "Since that day you were firm with me and prayed, I have quit smoking and am healthier, I was sick for 3 weeks, but am better now.  I have changed and left that behind"  My spirit jumped within me!

Will you join us in prayer: that this will be a permanent change for him, that the enemy will be bound from attacking him, and that the Lord will continue to lead him into a deep relationship.  We will see him every week or more now, so we are expectant!