mitch & char

mitch & char

Sunday, February 13

Mbekelweni- Global Leadership Academy

Check out this video about Children's Cup's Global Leadership Academy - training ministry interns in Africa to go out and serve others with the love and hope of Jesus.

We need your help with scholarships for them as they walk out this 10-month commitment to learn Jesus-style ministry in the hard places of the world.


Saturday, February 5

Sometimes, noise gets in the way

Have had so much to write and blog about lately, but can not seem to wrap our minds around it all. Mom and dad are here for just a few days more. Life and death issues for a very close friend. A new family moving to Swaziland to serve. Meetings and appointments. The Rodger's family returning this week. Teams assembling and individuals coming starting this month. Discipleship training for all CarePoint facilitators, and more.
The only problem is one of my heart. I am a task oriented person. My "American" nature is still not accustomed to a different pace of accomplishing those tasks. And in this- I realize yet again that my Lord has taken a back seat. The most important thing we can do, and are supposed to do is worship and Love Him. This(though at the core of what we are doing) has not been the forefront of all we do. It is so easy to be distracted, jump into the "biz" of ministry, that we lose the ministry possibilities in it all.
It is time to take His purpose and purpose in our hearts to fulfill it. God is so amazing, so worthy, so wonderful.

Will try to have a more insightful post once the "heart purpose" takes time to listen to His whisper better. ;-)