mitch & char

mitch & char

Thursday, July 30

A small rant. Where is the justice?

Ok so I see and hear all about a lion being killed in africa by a rich American hunter. I know nothing about that. I don't know what the issues on either side are or really ...anything about it other than it has incited hundreds of thousands of people...

This week we buried a 7 year old. 2 days later a 10 year old girl was walking across the street and bam...dead. 2 teens killed by gangs In a town 20km from us.

Where is the outrage? Where is the concern? How is it that the minority has gained such voice? Why an outcry for a lion(I'm sad by that too-they are beautiful) but not a global concern to death and disease?

Ok rant over. Love you!!

Sunday, July 19

Great Grace, 2 bibles and 90 days

I wish I could say as a "Christ follower" that I never have stress or anxiety. The truth is I know what the Bible says about not worrying and being anxious for nothing. But the rubber still meets the road.
We have been and remain concerned that South Africa will not issue us our needed visa(permit to remain 3 more years). We trust and believe that the Lord can do this. Unfortunately between Him and us is a lot of man made policies and red tape...and people.
We found a Zambian friend that believes he can help us, but it will take some time do so from here.
Our current visa expires tuesday so today we went to the Swaziland border to plead our case and ask for a brief extension to allow the South Africa home affairs department more time to process the request that was filed in October 2014.
We were met at a very rural border post by Mr Nkosi. We chatted a bit and went through the border. About 3 hours later we came back to cross back into South Africa. Mr Nkosi was still there and we greeted him once again. We then explained our situation and asked if there was anyway we could beg for 90 days of extended stay. He paused and looked back and forth at our paperwork. He then scanned our passports and reached into his desk drawer with a special stamp. As the stamp hit the passports we didn't know what he would write on it or type into the system...He showed us Great Grace and wrote down "October 17". Once again saving us the headache and expense of trying to refile from the USA.
We thanked him in Siswati and handed him a bible. Border posts like this are very quiet and generally nothing to do to pass the time. The guards at the gate also received a bible. We had them open it and agree to read a verse and speak with each other about what the Word of God says. We started them off at John 3:16 (seemed like a good verse to lead with)

So we remain. Waiting on the Lord and believing strength will rise while we do so.
Faith not tested can often not be trusted.
Thanks for your prayers. Your support. Your friendship. We love you.

Friday, July 3

July update from M n C

Hello dear friend, WOW what an amazing month here in Southern Africa.
-The Farm is progressing and 1 of 2 houses is nearly complete and ready for interns to arrive from USA and England (Dave has done a great job directing and working with the crew- even implemented a morning prayer and weekly bible sharing time with the workers)
-Infrastructure (water and electric) are nearly complete for the entire compound
-Fruit trees (mango, lemon and avocado) have arrived and in March/April the 1200 Macadamia saplings will start to come in (Randy is a gifted farm manager)
-We move to the farm(from a farm house we are currently renting about 3km down the road) this month
-We just returned from an outreach into Swaziland (section 19 area)with our partners and staff here in South Africa.  16 Africans and missionaries helping other Africans. (Preschool, painting, building a house for a 95 year old woman) It was BEAUTIFUL!
-We remain hopeful and waiting for our visas.  We feel the Lord is leading us to trust Him more and to keep going to the border for short extensions until the government figures out what they are going to officially do.
-We had a team from North Carolina serve at the farm, the local schools and our kids (camp at Prayer mountain for 3 days)
-New missionary Claire has jumped in both feet
-New missionary Bruce arrives next week
-School of ministry with young adults is going great.  Seeing quite a buzz around the age groups 14-25 with a couple coming from usa to minister with us for 6 weeks and YFC director from another community coming to host a youth ministry conference.  Great things ahead in this aspect of ministry
-We had over 40 different workers on the farm in the past 2 months, last night we took the opportunity with 15 of them (who have been sleeping there doing some work) to host a BBQ with them.  Culturally, it may have been the first time for many of them to eat supper with white people, and more importantly, for them to be served by us.  Was a great time of sharing and eating, and eating… oh, and eating!  (South Africans call a BBQ a “Braai” (bry).  And it is very social with several courses of meats.  A North Dakota Farm boys dream!
-Finalizing plans for the October Spark Foundation team and another in March 2016(wanna come to Africa for 10 days?)

So much to see, please visit us on facebook or instagram to literally see the pictures, for now, we remain in your debt for allowing us to be here to serve others. 

Thanks so much!

Mitch & Char

P.s. – the BEST support you can give us is Prayer and a word of encouragment! 

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