mitch & char

mitch & char

Friday, May 25

10 weeks later...

Hi everyone...

Char here.  I thought I should update our blog, it's been a while.  We are hanging in there.  As I write this, Mitch is still in ICU, but hoping for only a few more days.  He has a trach in to help him with his breathing.  He has done remarkably well while being in ICU.  He's battled pneumonia, had another chest tube put in, had another MAJOR operation, was extubated days later, then had to have a tracheostomy, to help him breathe.  Yesterday, May 24th, he was able to eat for the first time in over 8 weeks.  He enjoyed some protein drinks, yogurt, juice, and mashed potatoes mixed in with chicken, he had more protein drinks, some soft porridge (cream-of-wheat) some soup and more mashed potatoes with gravy.  His physical therapist is working with him, yesterday and today he sat up on the edge of his bed, tomorrow he'll get to stand, try to take a couple of steps then gets to sit in a nice lazy boy recliner for the day.  He is progressing so well.  We still have a long way to go, the doctor has not said when he'll do the skin grafts to help close his wound on his abdomen - measured in just under 11" X 13"...yes, ladies, that's like a large baking dish.  It is granulating (forming fresh new beautiful pink tissue) very nicely. 

It has been such a blessing to have Mitch's (and my) mom Bobbi here from the states.  She has extended her ticket to stay here until June 7th.  We have enjoyed our days and nights together.  We stay at a lovely B&B here in Nelspruit, just minutes from the hospital.  She has been just the support and boost I needed to re-fuel for the next phase of this journey. 

We've loved having so many visitors come to SA to see us.  And the blessings that continue to pour in, oh my's overwhelming.  God is so good, and continues to meet our every need.  Our medical aid is exhausted, so I am now paying for everything out of pocket, but God has met every need in this area too.  We are blown away at the outpouring of love, prayers and financial support.

Mitch is pretty much back to being his normal, goofy, joking, teasing self.  The nurses (they're called 'sisters' here)  all LOVE him here...go figure, right?  Mom and I cut his LONG hair yesterday, he looks so handsome. 

There is still so much he needs to process, would you join with me in prayer as his spiritual and emotional wounds are healing as well?? So many unanswered questions, yet we know that God is in control and still on the throne, He's NEVER left us, not even once, nor will he ever in the future.

So encouraged by all the cards, letters, emails, facebook messages etc of scriptures, positive notes, funny pictures, the list goes on and on.

We are truly blessed and can't wait to hear SOO many testimonies - we are hearing so many NOW.  It's incredible.  Thanks for all your prayers, as I said before, they're truly what have been sustaining us through all of this.  Will update again, sooner this time!!  God bless you.

The above picture is of the new "Mitch t-shirts" that are now available for a donation of $20.00.  Our sister Brenda Hildebrant Messer and cousin Sue Spratte are the ones who are taking orders and shipping all over.

Sue has done an amazing job of creating this AWESOME t-shirt with the proceeds going to help our medical bills!!  is the link you can click on to find out more info on how to get your own t-shirt!!  Thanks you two!!