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mitch & char

Saturday, May 28

Power Camps wrap up, Teams arrive, Orphans move in...

What is Power Camp? Here in Swaziland it is a big celebration that takes a camp to kids(instead of kids to a camp). This way, every child in the community can participate. PowerCamps this year focused on “Seeking Jesus first” From matthew 6:33 “Seek Ye First”. Thousands of kids attended one of the many mobile camps where they learned this verse in a variety of ways. Jumping Castle-Kings live in a castle, Scavenger Hunt-seeking for a sweet treasure, puppet show, bible study, games, activities and a big meal. Though thousands of kids come, we were blessed by each individual child. Many met Jesus for the first time, many re-committed to honor Him. Children like Thabiso, a 12 year old boy who told us at the end of camp that he was not being a good son or brother. He had been picking fights with his siblings and cousins, and that PowerCamp reminded him to focus on Jesus and treat his family the way Jesus would expect. He promised to go home that day to apologize and try to be better every day from now on.

Simphiwe, an 8 year old girl, met Jesus for the first time. We watched as her countenance changed. A girl that came from abuse of unspeakable measure learned about forgiveness, God’s plan in her life, and most importantly-that she has a Father that Love’s her and rejoices over her. We asked her what she liked best about this big and special day. We expected the common answer of “the meat that was served for the meal”, but this precious girl said just what we witnessed. “I have a Father now”. She lives with her Grandmother, and the teacher at the CarePoint is able to followup and continue spiritual care with her and her family.

For us, it comes down to these individual children. We believe that at the CarePoint, they are being discipled to such a degree, loved to such measure, and educated beyond any others that THEY will be the future global changers. They will be the ones to bring love to a hurting nation. They will be those in power and business and truly transform the communities and countries they live in. We are seeing it, and are passionate about pressing forward full steam ahead!

Teams have started arriving. Charlotte’s Niece and 10 college students are here with her as they serve the cities and rural areas. POWERFUL students. We are SO blessed to have a taste of home. Three groups overlapping right now-so all hands on deck to serve and guide these wonderful people who gave up time and resources to come and serve for a week.

The IANF (I am not forgotten) home #3 is now complete, and the kids moved in today! 12 orphans with a safe and nice home…we stopped and visited with the kids as they were moving into their rooms-we could barely contain them or their dancing and singing.. POWERFUL!


Thursday, May 19

Sitting under a Tree -Starting a new CarePoint

That is how business and partnerships are formed here in Swaziland.  Today was no exception. We met with community leaders and volunteer cooks to discuss the stages and steps to starting a CarePoint in their community(a point or location where children will come for care-including meals, medical aid, educational support, spiritual guidance, life skills)

They were VERY elated to have the possibility of partnership, and advised us. “You can dust your shoes” if you are not happy and it will be our fault. (to say-we can walk away if they do not hold up their part of the partnership).

We have just started feeding.  There are now 80+ children coming daily and this number will continue to grow.  They are responsible to bring firewood and supply loving volunteers to prepare meals for the children.. we can take care of the other details.  In late June, we will enroll these children into the Mission of Mercy child sponsorship model for additional funding and support.  This will equip us to implement medical aid, add on staff, preschool, bible clubs, and more.

It takes time, sometimes more than we expect…but we believe this- it is time WELL spent on the startup to ensure long term success.  God is the driving force, and they were excited that we wanted to start our time together in prayer.  Hearts for a common purpose-and now, a future CarePoint in the making!


Wednesday, May 11

In the Teacher's Words...

This is written by one of the Teacher’s employed by Children’s Cup.  It is OBVIOUS the heart she has for reaching the lost in her country here in Swaziland


As a teacher at Madonsa I come every morning for class before the kids. I would see the 3ry old twins Alex and Alexina  lying flat with their empty stomachs just by the door of the classroom.  They were not only hungry, but smelly and dirty.  I could see that they slept another night without food. So for these twins to survive they were coming to the  Care Point to find food. The cooks would prepare breakfast for the kids, so Alex and Alexina would have their first meal.  I was troubled by this and I asked the cooks about the welfare of this kids, I was told that their parents died of H.I.V./ Aids so they stay with their grandmother who is also a drunkard.   I decided to bring clean clothes and lotion and bathing soap for them.  I would bath them and change their dirty clothes and by 10am they would be ready for food. When I first bathed them they couldn’t  stop smiling.  Tthese kids had never put on underwear before, so for them it was so exiting...

I moved from that CarePoint to another which was farther away. It was realy sad for me to leave the twins, but I continued praying for them. After a while one of the cooks told me that they are no longer coming to the Carepoint because their grandmother has asked the kids to go the dump site to get food for them and the rest of the family, it was heartbreaking to hear that.

This year they are 7 yrs old, they are back at the CarePoint with the help of the facilitator who found them as they were doing a community and home visit. These kids are fighters and  the hand of God is upon them, they are exelling at school.  Alex the boy, got position 2 in his class and Alexina the girl, got position 3.  They have hope and future!!



Sunday, May 1

Update from Mitch n Char

PowerCamps, School Fees, Orphan Homes… oh my!




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