mitch & char

mitch & char

Thursday, April 18

The Lord knows and responds before we understand

Pretty amazed to see God working in the big and little things! We are nearly funded (just $8000 away)for and starting talks now about purchasing a missionary, training and office compound(the one we started renting 30 days ago- and have already hosted 16 missionaries and 1 dog)but today I saw God show His Grace, Love and Mercy in a finite way.

We just returned from Badplaas(bad plus)(warm bath is the meaning-as there are natural hot springs in the region) and meetings with african pastors that are future future partners for american church plants and partnerships. We talked about how caring for children(sweet little people that can't tithe) touches the heart of God and He will grow His church around that. They all were in agreement (praise God!). We discussed why we are doing child sponsorship and how that will assist the church in partnership to fulfill its calling. Along with the timing and planning around the details of that.

We set up May 8 to "enroll" 200+children from Badplaas and Sinathemba/izithandani and capture the children's details and photographs. Everyone is quite excited.

We really want these day to be special, so I shared that we should do a special meal in celebration(not knowing where the funds would come from). Everyone agreed.

My momma called tonight and shared that a dear old neighbor passed away and that she was depositing $100 in Charlie Hardy's honor into our account.

The cost for 25 chickens, mealie meal for pap, and 2 liters of cooking oil...900 rand...$100

Oh what a savior. How He cares for His people in unique and wonderful ways!

Monday, April 1

No Foolin-time to update you on what you have equipped!

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Praying your resurrection celebration was filled with awe and loving family and friends.  We celebrated with 5 strangers(now friends), Beano and Sharon(the lovely couple from Zimbabwe that visited us nearly daily in the hospital 1 year ago-and have helped us launch Cup South Africa) and Sandra(the current Swaziland missionary that is in process of moving over to work with us)…we ate like kings and prayed for those that did not/could not.  It can be challenging to live here and see the disparity.  The city we have relocated in is quite advanced, but just 2 miles from the town is a completely different story…read all about it here.