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Friday, December 27

2013 to 2014 with Mitch and Char in Africa (+playlist)

I know, it is so easy to just pass over and not read-especially something this lengthy…we get that, but may we ask a favor?  Please can you read this and see what your prayers and support are equipping?-we think you will be encouraged!  5 minutes of your time (includes the video)…

Hello and Nearly HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hooray for new beginnings!!... so glad we have a new beginning in Christ every minute of every day! (2 Corinthians 5:17 / Ephesians 2:12-13)

Here is a video we shot to share a little with you about 2013 and as we look to 2014:  as well as some “meat” for you to swallow below.

We want you to understand what you are helping us in doing in ministry and the clarity of focus the Lord has given to us (hence the detail), as well as how you can be involved! (it is year end, and if you need to blow some dough for tax purposes, we are happy to put it to work .)

As missionaries in Southern Africa, we desire to encourage and strengthen the body of Christ in love. To make Him known in all ways.

Here are the 5 points of focus we are pressing forward with to accomplish that:
Ministry house- safe and comfortable place for regional missionaries to recharge, for new missionaries to transition and short term teams and groups that come to serve (Hebrews 13:1-3  “Let love for your fellow believers continue AND be a fixed practice with you “entertain strangers””)
How can you help?
- Pray for these people – rest, strength, comfort, etc
Children/youth “kingdom centers” in partnership with local churches- in community by community. Equipping children and widows to know about their loving father, receive meals, biblical teaching, skills exposure, clubs, business industry introductions and educational support/tutoring.  Providing a way for people in community to have Godly dignity (take ownership and pride in a program they help create) in their lives. (Prov 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”)
How can you help?
- we need first few years of operating funds.  (Buildings to be built, staff to hire, infrastructure, gardens prepared, etc)A gradual step down of finances after a season as the community takes each project over and we become overseers.  Upfront capital resulting in decreasing need for long-term foreign aid.
Young adult and pastoral training-equipping youth leaders and pastors with solid biblical teaching and applications through schools of ministry and discipleship at our home/compound and regionally in poverty stricken townships. (Jeremiah 3:15 “I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding”)
How can you help?
-Pray that we reach those that HE wants us to reach, that they are receptive to the true messages of the Gospel
-Pastors and leader training center to be built; infrastructure, equipment, $45,000. This will build a 7 day a week multipurpose facility for scheduled training for all partner churches-sustainable after construction by each partner church monthly donation.
-sponsor a 2014 pastor or youth leader for a year of schooling.  One intensive night each week for a year(100 teachings).  $100 per student per year. (covers tuition, expenses in travel, scholarship, handouts, materials, etc). 2014 will yield 98 discipleship leaders ready to duplicate themselves in their community in 2015;
-58 pastors in Nhlazatshe,(Partnership with Emoyeni SA)
-25 youth in Mahushu,
-15 Afrikaaners in Nelspruit.(Partnership with Emoyeni SA)
Compassion ministries-food and goods delivered to widows and orphans in townships-opening door for prayer and expression of a fathers love and connection with local church and pastors for ongoing support. Identifying competent individuals and connecting to micro finance projects to care for selves financially.(James 1:27 “…visit orphans and widows in their affliction”)
How can you help?
-Pray for these precious people- their circumstances are beyond our imagination.
-Sponsor a food basket parcel.  Staple foods and household items $50 each family -one time gift (corn meal, beans, oil, soaps, etc)
Love EVERY person we have contact with ( John 4:16-“…God is love, and the one who resides in love resides in God, and God resides in him”)
How can you help?
-Pray that the Lord will give us the grace to show His face to all we come in contact with, that we would always and only respond in love.

We are a bit idealistic and continue to believe that exposing people at our home to orphans and widows, working with the local church, feeding and educating children and caring for widows will result in growing self-equipping and self-sustaining individuals and communities.  By discipling them with understanding and relevant saving knowledge and understanding of grace and love of the Father, that they will be Kingdom focused communities, that in turn will change their neighboring communities in years ahead- thereby duplicating our efforts and decreasing the need of our involvement.  Freeing us up to start the models over again and again in varying communities.  Spark to flame!

Bless you, thank you for praying for and sending us.

Mitch and Char

P.S. -  Supporting our ministry is easy!  The fastest way is to donate online: -- and select Mitch & Charlotte Hildebrant from the list.  You can also set up automatic monthly Gifts with your credit card if you choose the "Monthly" option.  Or simply mail your check to: World OutreachMinistries, PO Box B, Marietta, GA 30061 and designate for Mitch & Charlotte Hildebrant #280.(if you elect to designate your giving, just send us a FB message or email on how you desire your gift to be utilized in the above ways)-We assure you 100% accountability and that your gift(regardless of designation) will be used to fulfill the needs as we see in the above vision.

Monday, December 23

A new year reminder about our tongues

Ever wonder why you have conflict with and just can't groove with some people?  Family squabbles, friendships divided, churches attacking each other?

I pray your Christmas has NO conflict, but I know that often times; familiarity breeds contempt (1cor 11) (even amongst card carrying bible believing Christians)…I know that I have been prone to frustration with people close to me from time to time, and have all too often expressed it verbally and outwardly.

We have to have the mindset of Christ (and this is where I fail miserably every day).  I read Philippians 2:1-11…slowly and prayerfully…"others better than you..not your interests…Christ's equality with God…humble…humble…exalted"  (notice how humility and humbleness have to come before there is any exalting?)

It's hard eh(the Canadian in me is coming out)?  Truly taking this on…I mean, we all want to see ourselves at the top, see our flags flown, compare ourselves to others, redefine true success, and place our identity in things other than Christ, after all, that IS what the world is telling us and showing us right?

In 1 Corinthians, Paul jumps to the point and addresses quarrels on "who" people say they belong to.

I am learning that the "issues", "frustrations" and "disappointments" I have in others are 100% fleshly. We are SO good at creating division. ..Especially in the "kingdom of brothers and sisters" we have on this earth.  I wonder, just wonder IF we looked at EVERY situation and interaction through Kingdom(true Kingdom) eyes, and filtered out our "fleshly responses and attitudes" how blissful it would be, and how free the Holy Spirit would be to flow and do what he does?  Unity, Goal, Purpose, Passion.

As you prepare to enter 2014, (what so many consider a clean slate, a fresh beginning) may you take to heart 1 Cor 13:13…"There are three things that will endure-faith, hope, and love-and the greatest of these is love."  (and KNOW that on January 2, if you blow it- Christ gives you this same fresh start each and every minute you don't have to wait until January 1 2015 to "try" again)

Strive to keep the peace with all around you, before you jump on the negative bandwagon.(and I am guilty of this all to often-it's so easy to join the "against "that" camp")…

Remember, if you are on the giving end of chastisement, judgment, and condemnation…Proverbs 21:23 "Watch your words and hold your tongue; save yourself grief"

and if you by chance are on the receiving end of someone else's rant, frustration, or gossip…Proverbs 19:11 "It is to your glory to overlook offense"

Value those around you, show them, love them…TELL them.  God bless you as you face a new season.

Sunday, December 22

What do you want for Christmas this year?

Revelation 4 shares briefly a glimpse of heaven. A human account and attempt to explain an inexplicable glimpse of a heaven that can not be comprehended by our minds. It's what we all want...eventually.

In my 40 years, I have ran from attempted Tamil attack in Sri Lanka
Ate dimsum in Hong Kong, walked the streets of Belgium and drank overpriced water in Frankfurt, been to all states in the union,(except Connecticut), drove my first tractor at age 7, was president of a company, drank the best fresh ground coffee in Ethiopia and squished mud through my toes in Kenya. Been Coast to coast in Honduras, entered Haiti and ate Pizza Hut in Dominican Republic. Road the Zambezi, saw wild elephants in Zambia, pet a lion in Zimbabwe. Saw Niagara and Victoria falls-truly a wonder of the world.
Lived in the last monarchy in Africa(Swaziland), Sweat in Senegal and Sudan. Preached in Mexico and Jamaica, snorkeled in the Bahamas. Almost met Jesus due to disease in Africa. Swam in both sides of the Indian Ocean, bounced in a jumping castle in South Africa. Climbed a Mayan ruin. Held a dying baby in Swaziland. Married a beautiful woman. Saw people meet Jesus for the first time and recommit for the 70th time. Rejoiced at baptisms and the significance of the decision. Held my newborn healthy niece, ate crocodile and alligator, danced in New Orleans, took in the summer solstice in Alaska and walked on black sand beaches in Hawaii.

But nothing on this earth compares to what waits for us. Oh heaven come. What a gift.

There are many that don't understand who Jesus is or What His hope for their lives is... I pray they will listen to the small voice that is calling them and experience a life of eternity that is beyond our imagination. Beyond any earthly adventure, sight or experience.

This is what I want for Christmas. I want more people to experience the hope and joy I have. To have inexplicable peace in life that can only come from one source. To have their names written in a book of life. Now THAT would be a great Christmas Gift. And I believe we can give it to others this year. If you and I listen and obey to whatever it is that God is asking of us; Maybe it's that quiet neighbor you haven't met, or that weirdo from the office. Perhaps the lady in front of you at walmart? Have you shared eternity with them?

This Christmas we pray you are blessed and you experience His joy and peace like never before. This Christmas we pray you will share that gift with everyone He brings into your path.

You don't have to be a "missionary" to have a "mission field". You ARE a missionary and your fields are ripe. Let's get to it this Christmas. Give away the best Gift!

Merry Christmas dear friends.

Wednesday, December 11

12 ways to celebrate

Merry Christmas! (English)

Khisimusi lomuhle! (Kiss-ee-moose-ee Low-Moo-Schlay)(SiSwati)

Gese├źnde Kersfees! ((clear throat)-es-ean-duh cass-fears)(Afrikaans)

Sing with us!!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.

12 elephants trampling

11 kids a singing

10 churches praising

9 Kudu Prancing

8 faces painted

7 babies cuddled

6 orphans loved on

5 zebra stripes (bah duhm duhm)

4 silly shirts

3 street lions

2 African bros

And a God who loves us un-con-dit-ional------ly

Merry Christmas dear friends!

Friday, December 6

Good company promotes good morals

The bible says: 1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be deceived: "Bad company ruins good morals." 
- So Good company must promote good morals!!...There are those in life that make us better...

Feeling pretty blessed indeed!  If you know me you know i don't celebrate my birthday (actually, i just don't like the attention).  So i try to keep it a normal and typical business as usual kind of day

A few months ago i had a conversation with a young Ugandan man.  Brilliant guy, very intelligent, great english and more.  He was "Good Company".  He landed in South Africa through a series of unfortunate events and broken promises.  Ready to give up on his ministry dream and try to get back to Uganda.

We spoke briefly that day and the next he gave me a drawing with a story on the creation of the world(void space, dove, waters) and a personal testimony and note on the bottom.  It brought me to tears.  a few items written :  "Mitch, You motivated me with your words and i felt something new that day, a word of God for me- from above through you, it increased my faith,i want to do that for others if god can show me how, for it is my vision"

I have saved this paper for months and look at it every so often.  It is good to have reminders in ministry.  

It disappeared 2 weeks ago...i  was sad/concerned as this scrap piece of paper was truly a treasure to me.  It showed back up today...matted and framed.  That amazing wife of mine knew and took action-and now has presented me with my 40th birthday gift.  Now safely preserved and proudly hanging on my wall as a testimony of God's goodness in a young mans life.  

Here we are months later, and this young man has now planted a church and is caring for 150 underprivileged children.  Gideon, I am SO proud of you, I believe that God has a brilliant future for you, I am SO blessed to get to do ministry with you. You didn't know it, but your gifts meaning is deeper than the paper, mat and frame.  As I turn 40- my HEART is full.  THANK YOU.

Thursday, December 5

Sins distance

Psalm 103:12 He has removed our sins as far from us
    as the east is from the west.

We love the blend and passion of people we are privileged to do life with here in Africa.  All unique personalities performing their part of the Body(without all it's parts, it does not function).  

Dear friends came over from Swaziland for Thanksgiving.  In that mix was our buddy Mark, wife Kay and Baby(mitch) Jadon.  (ok, i only call him mitch, cuz i am on a mission to get someone to name their child "Mitch".. lol, and i was CLOSE with baby jadon)  Mark is brilliant at small group discipleship and leads a large leadership and discipleship academy in Swaziland.

We were sitting around visiting and (i LOVE the way this guy thinks), we were talking about Sin (cuz that's what missionaries do- all conversations involve biblical basics... (if you believe this, you have WAY too high of an opinion of us). Anyway, Mark got a little twinkle in his eye and said.  (paraphrased) "I love in Psalms where it talks about God's removal of our sin and it illustrates east to west.  It doesn't say North to South... look at a globe.. you can only go so far north and you round the top and head south again.. but east and west have NO end.  go west from africa- hit the usa-west from there-hit asia-west again-europe/africa-west again- usa.. it just keeps going-NO END.  God could have chosen to cast our sins north to south, but HE chose to completely and permanently removed us from our Sin.  How cool is that!

Mark- what a fantastic illustration, and one that i can not wait to put a whole study around.  Definately a message that EVERYONE should hear this CHRISTmas!

Tuesday, December 3

How quickly we forget our trials and return to old ways

1 Thes 3:3 (TEB) ... None of you should turn back because of these persecutions. You yourselves know that such persecutions are part of God's will for us.

hmm.. doesn't sound too cool does it?  God wants us to have persecutions and trials?  Yup, sure does.  (the "Gold star explanation"-so we experience His grace and goodness all the more-but only a few people "get that") I speak on some authority on the subject, but have to confess to you... after the trial, it is SO easy to return to old ways.  I don't know about you, but just 1 year later (short of my physical scars and bulging belly)-one might never know what 2012 brought into our lives.  My memory of the entire event is skewed.  I know i was crazy sick, and it took 13 surgeries to fix me, and lost a year of "life", was in a coma, almost died a few times, etc...  Much of what happened, i don't even remember-as that is the side effects of the narcotics they had me on.  That which i do remember was contrived in my mind whilst in a coma(and that is the scary and dark stuff that i really want to forget).  Yet, today is just another day, i have gone back to my old ways of life.  
So many people think that missionaries are these amazing examples of Christ in the modern day.  Let me burst your bubble RIGHT NOW- THAT is SOOOO not true.  We simply followed the path He had for us, just like we pray you are doing now.  Neither is easier or harder than the other.  Ok, bubble popped?  Yup, we are pretty normal and human, we watch movies(sometimes they have bad language), we are frustrated, sad, and get angry.  (sound like you?).  OK, enough rabbit trailing.  I am writing about returning to our old ways.

Christ talks about "the new self" in colossians and ephesians, and for me, that is always a struggle.  My "New" selves(yes i made that plural) are always short lived it seems.  Something happens in life around me, to me, with me- and it brings about change... but old habits .. OLD habits creep back up so swiftly.  I do not want to be one that dwells on the hardship, but truly want to be one that relishes in the newness and keeps it new.  I DON'T have the answer to that.

Was fumbling through DVD's last night, and found a white, blank labeled disc.  hmm, what is this?  put it in and it was my dear lovely friend Pastor Ron from our home church in South Dakota, Elva Frye(musician and missionary), and my mom and dad... it was the video from a benefit concert that i did not know existed(barely recall the news of the concert).  As the emotion blasted me like a jack hammer, i could do nothing but weep.  And not the cheesy little bit of tears.. the UGLY cry kind of weep where you contort your face and a lump so large is in your throat you can't swallow.  How quickly we forget what we have been through and return to "life as normal".  I thank God for this nugget of reminder through video as a Joshua 4 moment- a STONE of remembrance... perhaps that is what it is all about.. as we get back to our old ways- look back at the stones and remember God's AMAZING faithfulness.  I find myself SO loving my dear friends and family back home...this doused with a touch of homesickness makes for a bit of an emotional fella (and now pushing 220 lbs(i need to lose some weight)-this is quite a thing to see).  I wish the stones of remembrance were in front of us instead of behind us- so we are forced to keep that on the forefront of our minds

I have not told you lately- I LOVE YOU, I AM SO GLAD GOD BROUGHT YOU INTO OUR LIVES, WE ARE BETTER BECAUSE OF YOU!  Please forgive us for forgetting that from time to time.

Thanks for being in this Journey with us, we are grateful to be in yours.

Monday, December 2

Amazed? oh yah- must be a God thing

Ever have those moments where you go... Huh?  What?  What just happened here?  The vastness of God should allow fur us to NEVER be surprised, but yet the diminutive size of our intellect always makes for an exciting reaction.

As we look to transition from Children's Cup towards a more hands on and deeper ministry effort here in Africa, we find ourselves praying that God would give us HIS vision for what is to be accomplished.  We believe that deep discipleship is the major focus of this effort(hence the schools of ministry we have started).  Along with that, we see a vast need for "In community By community" care of widows and orphans.  We don't exactly know what that will look like, but are excited to see what He ordains.  We are still VERY busy covering and tending to all details Children's Cup until the new leadership can arrive in country(prayerfully by mid February, as we gave 6 month notice and will transition 31 march), then we will devote every effort into transferring all with excellence, THEN we can focus on our community projects(though we are already doing site visits and exploring where God would have those efforts start).  
The schools just could not wait- These people are HUNGRY for the living God, and how can one possibly say- "Yes, i know, but i'm just too busy"?  (BUSY= Being Under Satans Yoke). 

So in our quiet and prayer time, we have been asking the Lord to reveal what that would look like.   We stand in AWE!.   We had NO expectation of having a team of people to work with that feel the same way about ministry as we do... lets fly the flag of Christ, nothing more, nothing less!... so, check this out.(deliberately being a big vague on names, as we and they all know-it is more about Who we follow than who we are)

As we formulate a way forward for maximizing resources and impact, God brought together this week:

D & J -South Africans who lived in the USA ( their ministry is a siswati word for "In the Spirit")- teaching pastors and working together with School of Ministries. and Young adult and youth 3-4 day intensive "camps". There is NO ONE i have ever met that exudes grace and love like these two.   Along with them come Zimbabwean T & V, pastor and wife.  He loves working with young adults and she is brilliant with children.

J & K -Americans with a Swazi ministry(remember, the people we serve here are all siswati, even though we are in South Africa)- "K" is incredibly gifted at women's rural ministries and connecting in a heart level.  "J" is great with young boys (former scout master)

D & B -Americans with a ministry about being hands and feet.  "D" is a highly competent multi tasker with great vision and the ability to tend to detail.  "B" is brilliant at children's education programs.

CT-she and her husband, as local South Africans, are very connected and part of the reason we believe God planted deep within us a vision to have community and country care for itself.  She is a fantastic educator in the premier school of this province.  We are better people having her and her generous husband in our lives(they showed us that South Africa Can!)

B & S -Zimbabweans who LOVE the Lord and are incredbily connected.  They understand ministry that must self sustain after a season, and have been around the block a few times(20+ years of ministry in this part of the world).  "B" is all about accountability, and "S" tends to the detail.  Powerful couple. 

Then, there is us... M & C.  Other than being smoking hot, "C" is amazing with children, music, coordination, and supporting "M".  I believe that i am a detailed visionary, the Lord shows me what He wants, and has equipped me to carry it out by involving others.  We don't "own" a thing (including people) and just want Christ Glorified.  We just want to Love people well, and train them up to care for those around them.

Of course, as we look to transition away from Children's Cup, we will maintain our relationships with Pastor Richard and Gideon, Pastors Jele, Mnisi, Daniel, Joyce, Fikile, Selby, Chris and Maxwell, David, Thuli and Many others.

We are thrilled to see where the Lord leads, but in awe of the "team" He is putting together and the timing of it.  Now we just need someone experienced in micro finance businesses and gardening, and we KNOW He is going to provide that in due season.

Next step- Teams!- INVOLVING YOU!!.. please would you talk to your church about sending a small team(or combining churches, friends, groups) and come serve with us?  No matter what your gifting and talent, we have learned that ALL are valuable on the mission field.. that includes YOU!