mitch & char

mitch & char

Thursday, August 30

A creative Creator and a return visit to USA

We were blessed this past weekend to get to stay at a private game farm in Kruger national park(about 1/2 the size of ND).  Our dear friends Lean and Karen Drinkwater's family live here, and open it up for friends and family to stay and rest and soak in all that is pointing to a creative creator!   Lean, Karen and toddler Andrew were with us AND OH did we see God in everything!(small things and big things, and scary things, and things with pointy teeth...). 
It has been 2 years this week, since we packed it up with a one way ticket to Africa-and has been an incredible adventure.  We LOVE everything to do with this great part of the world- Of course, the children are our absolute favorite, but when we get a chance to see His nature, it just brings us that extra step closer to His mind.  If we were created in His image, then we must have some of the creative ability that He has.  We pray that that creativity will flow forth as we develop programs for children, and relate to regional people groups.  The ONE thing we have in common is Him, and that is a SOLID foundation!
We went away this past weekend to have a time of respite and relief.  A time to start processing the previous 5 months of infirmary. Mitch is still not "cleared" to work(but sneaks in as much as he can with networking and visiting with people) and our daily routine has been completely turned around.  Yet we find inexplicable peace and joy.  That is something that can only come from a God that paints the stripes on zebra and dots on the Cheetah.

We know this, we continue to experience "CHANGE".  it seems to be the missionary model.  A constant and revolving change in ministry, tasks, duties, etc.  and we are certain that the one thing we can count on is that as soon as we become complacent(a pitfall of ours)-God "stirs it up" and Change is around the corner.  We have come to LOVE this, as we see His hand in greater detail and are starting to process the enormity of a God that created us to have relationship with Him.  AWESOME!
We will be coming back to the USA(note, we did not say "home" ) in November for a short while.  We hope to see YOU!  We plan on trips to Pennsylvania, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, South Carolina, and Louisiana.  
SO, the plan is to visit mid November and December(Holidays with the families-hooray!), surgeries in early january, recovery, possible final surgery in early february(please join us in prayer that we will not need this one) and quick trips to Baton Rouge and Co Springs in between rounds of surgery.
Sorry, didn't mean to make this all about us.  God is still moving in Africa-and we are seeing incredible testimony of His goodness with our beautiful brown faced children!  Perhaps in 2013, YOU can come see what God is doing and has done here in Southern Africa and have a God experience worth sharing with others!

Wednesday, August 22

some favorite shots

Some favorite shots in Swaziland, many thanks to Paul Chasusa and for the incredible talent on many of these.