mitch & char

mitch & char

Thursday, October 30

Extra Extra, Newsletter and no ebola here:

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Please check out the simple and easy to read 1 page newsletter attached.  Exciting times here, and great growth in the Lord.  We want you to be part of it and realize the impact your prayers and support have and continue to make!.

Also- :


- NO EBOLA here.. we are 3500 miles away from the closest documented case of Ebola.  Have peace in your heart.  We do worry for you though- YOU are closer to infections and documented cases in the USA than we are here.  The reality is that if it were to make it's way here, we would have a much harder time in containing it.  Yes, the media has enjoyed it's hype, but the reality is that it is a serious illness, and we pray it is stopped and no more have to suffer from it in this world.


- We are coming to the USA in February- details to follow


In Christ,

Mitch & Char


P.S. – Supporting our ministry is easy and gifts are tax deductible.  The fastest way is to make an online donation via and select our name from the list.  The system can process USA & International cards.  You can also set up automatic monthly gifts if you select the "Monthly" option.  Or simply mail your gift to World Outreach Ministries, PO Box B, Marietta, GA 30061 and designate it for Mitch & Charlotte Hildebrant

Don't forget to keep tabs on what the Lord is doing in Southern Africa at and

Tuesday, October 28

...And He laughed

We are learning to dream bigger and trust Him more.  Oh to have full faith in all things and all ways-THAT is our prayer.

So, 2 years ago we bought a property that we felt the Lord was asking us to buy.  it could hold offices, house teams and allow us to live onsite.  Brilliant!  

Confusion set in as we felt a leading to take on a farm project with our partners and move just 60 miles and more central in the community we serve (South Africa is first world "white populated" cities in a 3rd world impoverished shell).  

"Why would you want us to do this Lord?  We really just got settled with property and with the vision we felt you giving us..."

...And He laughed

It isn't Audible, but if it were the conversation went something like this:

"You never fully trust me, and i know the dreams i have given you are big.  I also know your personality enough that you need to move step by step and not leap by your home was the right vision for this season.  It was the step to get you towards expanding that vision even bigger.  Now you can do all those things you were doing and create jobs, have community, build relationships, teach skills and reach a wider distance with european intern students"

And we have seen His faithfulness in every detail and expansion.

Moral of the story: Leap or not, take steps and watch Him move!


Mitch Hildebrant
Missionary to Southern Africa

Wednesday, October 22

Buy a tshirt and give Christmas to a child in South Africa

We are hosting a Christmas celebration and providing a gift for 500+ children in Emanzana South Africa on Saturday Nov 29.  The theme: "The Father's Love" We will have 5 jumping castles, crafts, meal, lessons, games, ice cream and show "nemo" on the big screen(first time for these kids to see something like this) Relating his story to God's pursuit of us as His beloved.


Feel free to order a tshirt and support the effort!


Tuesday, October 21

A gift given and received at JUST the right time - A Lesson for both sides

Galations 6:9 "...for in due season we shall reap..."

Oh the heart of people; we are so blessed to have friends and supporters in this ministry.

We were able to connect today via skype with long time friends for the first time in over a year.  They share the same convictions and thoughts of "The Church" as us, and were part of a special group of intimate friends back in the USA.  

She had recently received severance from her job and admitted that "I sat on it for so long, thinking of all the things i wanted and could do with it...and finally i sent a portion to you, I meant to a long time ago...but"  

Well, we were elated (to say the least) to receive it...but more importantly, her honesty showed us a legitimate struggle that even we go through- the clinging onto of "things" to get "stuff".  Was so proud of her honesty in sharing with us that giving was hard.  

Fact is, we all face that; when we have to sacrifice, it stings a bit.  We recognize the sacrifice that so many people give to us.  We NEVER want to take that for granted...we also know that God is working in that to develop the giver and the receiver (i still struggle with receiving-yikes, i am in the wrong profession for that;  Thanks God for yet another lesson) 

Other side of the story; we didn't know all of this but were amazed by the gift and it's timing.  Right on time to continue the construction work at a preschool that we and our partners are building.  It actually saved us money in relocating the crew to a new job site only to bring them back after the rest of the funds were raised.  We were able to keep the workers busy (this school should be complete now this coming Friday).  

Thanks to one persons struggle and obedience, we see God blessing people by the hundreds.  

We remain humbled and amazed at His Glory, Splendor and divine timing!

Thursday, October 2

How is YOUR money used?

Can you believe it is October already?  Summer is FAST approaching here in eManzana.  The winds have picked up and a few gentle rains are starting to come after a long dry season. 

As missionaries, you know that our financing comes from people just like you.  We are so grateful, and at times have even felt guilty.  Living off of others generosity is not an easy place to be (we prefer to Give and not receive) , but the Father has shown us His love through you.  He is a BIG giver! And we are undeserving of His love too, but we receive it freely…all this to say- THANK YOU!

You may wonder “what does my gift do?”  Well, we try to be great stewards of your money.  We are mindful of how we spend that money and our goal is to love people into the Kingdom of God (EVERYTHING we do MUST point to our Savior, whether that is the lady at the grocery store, or the kids at the Centers).   Your gifts allow us to do just that.  Good budgeting has helped us to get our living expenses (food, gas, phone, housing) down to $850 per month.  That means that EVERY penny we receive over that amount goes 100% into ministry and outreach. 

You may have noticed lately (via facebook) several projects happening here that are opening doors for the Gospel message.  Several conferences, a center for pastoral training, preschools, land and funds to build classrooms for a private elementary school, and a 1/3 share of a self sustaining farm. (we believe in 5-10 years will generate funds to put back into ministry expansion).

Our partnership with other like minded missionaries is bringing great advancement and allowing each to operate within their spiritual giftings.  (education, construction, planning, administration, teaching, etc).  In fact starting tomorrow Missionary Pastor Danny Sartin from the USA is here to pour into us for 2 days as we focus on keeping what matters first in our lives and ministries.

We are BLESSED to partner with you, and so thrilled to report how your funds are used.  God is and has used YOU mightily to advance His kingdom at a pace we have not seen before.

Grace and peace to you dear friend!  We love and miss you, and look so forward to sharing more in February when we return to the USA for 4 weeks.  (keep us in your prayers please.. those 4 weeks are full with visits to 13 states)