mitch & char

mitch & char

Thursday, December 30

Christmas At The CarePoints 2010 Recap

Your gifts and prayers made this possible. Comfort and joy to thousands of kids in Swaziland Africa. ENOJOY!

Tuesday, December 28

2 worlds

Official Swaziland attire as seen daily here in Africa…note the club/stick in one hand… and Cell phone in the other!


Last week(Christmas Eve Day)was Incwala (in “click” walla)…the short explanation- celebration of first fruits . It involves thousands coming together, worshipping and praying to ancestors.  For us-this is a spiritually dark season, we knew that ancestral worship was common, but did not realize (and still do not fully) the detail in which this is engrained in a society.  So…what can we do?  We can pray and ask you to do the same.  This strengthens our resolve at church, CarePoint, and meetings to give the uncompromised message of Christ.  Yes, there is American Culture, there is Swazi Culture…but there IS Jesus Culture-and THAT can be our common ground.

Tuesday, December 21

Christmas post card and highlight of Christmas celebrations

(image too small? click it to enlarge)

Merry Christmas to ALL!!! We mailed a big pile of Christmas cards out from Swaziland 2 weeks when you go to your mailbox in march and get it-just be surprised. It looks like this!

What an incredible season. 18 “Christmas at the CarePoint” celebrations around the country. Children learning all about comfort and joy! (and having fun, a big meal, and more)…SO many stories to tell, but the best was a little girl that commented on her favorite part of the celebration. Not the jumping castle, not the play, not the bbq chicken, not the cake and party, not the singing and dancing, not even the movie….her response “I heard about Jesus”.

We are in awe of what God is allowing us to be part of here in Swaziland…thanks to YOU!

Bless you, thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19

New Podcast! ALL songs! Teachers and staff, Children, Youth

Last week, all of the Swaziland Cup staff and Missionaries came together, the first song is the result. 2nd song-preschool group from Maphiveni, and the rest- courtesy of Missionary Mark B who recorded several youth groups at the CarePoints. click here to listen: ALL songs! Teachers and staff, Children, Youth (or search itunes for "Children's Cup")

Friday, December 17

Leverage...a video we need your help sharing!

Will you help us by sharing this video to businesses, organizations and churches? With the end of the year quickly approaching, we know that many might be looking for something to give to that will make an eternal difference...

Sunday, December 12

What do you see on that mountain?

I had a friend share this.. seems quite relevant to all we chase after in Life…(thanks Lacy)

The mountain top experience is a great experience, a great encouragement, and how when we are on the mountain top we can see and look towards the next mountain. But how nothing grows on top of a mountain. All the (Growth) plants, etc are growing on the side of the mountain (the steepest part of the climb when climbing a mountain) and in the valley and wilderness in between the mountains, comparing it to our spiritual walk and journeys in life. When the wilderness gets thick and you are having a hard time seeing the trail, know that you are there for a reason and you will reach the next mountain and make it to the top!

I wonder if it is really about being on the next mountain top. Being from Colorado(or at least most recently), I have learned that once you summit one peak-the thing you really see are other peaks-you tend to lose the focus on the small steps, the ones that got you there. Perhaps more reflection on the journey is in order to remember and see what HE has done in our lives to get us where we are now…and then on to see what summit is next…more importantly- what valley and wilderness.

God loved to use mountains. Mt. Sinai, Mt. Caramel, Mt. of Olives, etc--

Deut 33:15 referenced to thank HIM for the chief things of the ancient Mountains....

Saturday, December 4

Swaziland Christmas at the CarePoints 1

December newsletter and update from Swaziland

click image to enlarge:

Hard to believe December is already upon us!  No snow here in Africa, but the spirit of the season is the same!  Just finished the first round of Christmas Celebrations at the CarePoints.


Bless you, thank you so much for all of your prayers and support.  We are SO blessed and grateful!


PS-quick update:  Christina-health is ok / Car-is still in a “shop”-it should be able to be repaired, but will be some time yet. / Girl rescued from abusive grandpa now has a smile the size of TEXAS!!!!


Wednesday, December 1

WHY? - and we were complaining?

“us”- Meetings, coordinating, sorting, electrical outages, water outages, storms, meetings, currency issues, cultural issues…

“She” - 5 years old and was raped this week by a man in the community…


No other words.