mitch & char

mitch & char

Tuesday, February 12

Time has come

For quite some time I wondered if the time would ever come that I would be "physically" normal again. (I know that I am far from normal mentally). And today's procedure removed the last foreign body from my body. 12 surgeries in 10 months. No more bags, tubes, drains, wraps, or stents. I feel like a hardware store that is out of business. My large zipper scar is a gentle reminder of His faithfulness and promise to "make all things new". And the 5" wide, 2 ' stripe of discoloration down my leg from the skin graft helps me remember that Christ suffered for me. Oh what a blessing to have these things. Yes, you read correctly...a blessing.
We have literally been all over the USA these past 3 months-met amazing new friends and picked up where we left off with the ol friends and family. And now the time has come! Monday we return to beloved africa. "God has a plan for each of us-it includes a future and expansion of territory".
Today we celebrate 13 years of marriage(I still marvel that she said yes) and I can not imagine a finer gift from The Lord than this woman.
As we look to return to swaziland and get moved across the border to South Africa, we are delighted to continue work with swazi people. I can't wait to hold some kiddos-and pick them up!! It has been too long.
What a mighty God. Count your blessings one by one! And remember that sometimes during your biggest "down". The Lord is preparing your greatest "up"
Thanks for all of your prayers and support these past 10 months. We press on to the goal!


Friday, February 1

South Africa and m&c update

hi friend, God is SO good ...ALL the time.  We are ready to return to Africa-and are just days away from what seemed like something that may never be possible ever again. 
Healing is coming along swiftly, i(mitch) still get tired quickly, but strength is returning.  Final drain tube gets removed today, and tuesday we are off to Baton Rouge.  The following sunday we get to share at Fellowship church in Baton Rouge, then back to South Carolina for the final medical procedure on 12 feb.  (stent removal from kidney and new fashioned ureter).  a week of observation and Lord willing- BACK TO AFRICA!!!!!
Update on House/Office/Storage/Meeting facility/Team lodging- we had $100,000 to match thanks to a $100,000 grant a few months ago.  With the current exchange rates that we have been able to take advantage of, we have just $25,000 left to raise to have funds available to look at purchasing property for Cup offices, our lodging, team lodging, and more- decreasing needs and freeing up funds for meeting the important needs around us- the KIDS!  (oh how excited we are to see more kids fed food and the Word).  God is moving in Africa-and thanks to you, we get to be in the center of it.
Upon moving back in feb, we will pack up a few small household items and move across the border in March to Nelspruit South Africa-a new hub(central place) for the new projects we were blessed to be part of prior to leaving in 2012.  Hundreds more children are receiving Hope because-once again-of YOU!  thank you for letting us serve in our passion.
This year will bring even greater expansion, as we look to partner with churches and plant African churches run by... Africans!  so excited to see the african influence in church in their own culture- to see leaders raised up to impact a generation. These african run churches will have CarePoints attached-to be the hands and feet of Christ in meeting needs for kids.  This is a great model that really ties the churches into the lives(relationships) of kids and community.  Very exciting!
God is Good all the time.. and all the time God is Good! We recently wrote about His name being glorified over any man's or church name- and see that when we do that- He receives the Glory and Honor and Praise.  THIS is the core of our hearts desire.  There is nothing special about us-we just love Jesus!
bless you!  please connect with us on facebook.