mitch & char

mitch & char

Wednesday, May 25

Brief update

June is nearly upon us, and winter is setting in here in South Africa.  Cool nights and mornings and beautiful sunny days abound.  We have started the countdown here as we look to our return to USA. Now less than just 100 days to go.  It has renewed the urgency in us to make certain that all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted before we go.  We are so thrilled to report that our feeding program/kids program partners are doing such amazing work and major steps have been taking to start creating self-sustained programs for the long term. 

Last weekend we attended the Masters of Theology graduation of dear friend, sister and partner; Pastor Lasalette Duarte.  She is a special woman that loves so so well.  We believe the Lord will continue to use her mightly.  She is a widow that cares for orphans. (I read something in a book once about those people groups J

We have been traveling a lot; speaking at a number of churches, being part of conferences, and encouraging as many youth and young adults as we can squeeze into the days.  The Lord is so good and gracious.  We are seeing a great work happen in these young people's lives.  We are filled with Hope!

We have had Kira here visiting with her mom and step dad for several months.  She is CRAZY smart and the kids have been loving her as their algebra and physics tutor. Claire has started teaching the youth in the school of ministry, and they love her and her approach with them.

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We love you and look forward to hugging your neck and hearing about all the Lord has done in your life this past season.  Please forgive us in advance.  When we return, we may speak a bit funny, we may not recognize you immediately, however, we will LOVE you the best we can!


Grace and Peace

Mitch & Char

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