mitch & char

mitch & char

Wednesday, November 26

Shareathon recap WPFF/WNLI

Well, an amazing staff- so dedicated to His work. The comment i think i heard the most: "Souls are at stake!" We were so blessed to hear testimonies from listeners whose lives were changed. Marriages healed, saving relationships gained-simply and truly amazing. The crew there are so dedicated to making a viable "product" and have been diligent in seeking the Lords guidance. We recently hired a new General Manager there. Dave is a true friend and brother, and has done amazing things already in the 3 months of being onboard. Truly a man after His heart.
The fundraising did fall significantly short, but we hold on to knowing that God is God, we are not, and now we get to see Him move in His people.

I will go back in 2 weeks, both to sturgeon bay and to rapid city- a time to celebrate Christ together.

the crazy begins again in January, we will go to Edmonton Canada-touch bases with great friends, and peek in on Mission of Mercy Canada, then off to ohio, north carolina, montana, SD and California.

God is so good. as i reflect on all the things to be thankful for-i am truly overwhelmed that He finds use in me. I am earthly excited too- mom and dad are coming to Colorado for the first time-a big thanksgiving indeed.

Saturday, November 8

Here we go again

off to Sturgeon bay. It's Shareathon time there. Mark and Tom will fly in to help us out too. We have an amazingly dedicated staff in place at WPFF and WNLI, and we are really looking forward to Him moving in the listeners. There are some big goals, and despite the economy-we know that this is not our ministry, He is still in control, and He is still on the throne. I had a friend in Michigan (hi Jenn) make this statement just a couple weeks ago "We can give our selves out of a bad economy!" How true, and what an incredible picture. Isn't it true that the majority of those that give are like the widow- giving of the mite. What an exciting time to see what He wants to do in the year ahead. The staff is energized, and ready for the challenges and opportunities God gives them. I am saddened to talk to so many friends in the industry that have had to do cutbacks and layoffs. our hearts cry is that God will restore their ministry-and provide specifically for all of their needs in the year ahead. We can NOT do it on our own-it HAS to be Him, or we fail.

Just got back last night from South Dakota-leave tomorrow for Wisconsin. We were not sure if we would get back in time- 4 feet of snow in the black hills, and we ended up stuck in our hotel for an extra day in Rapid City. The interstate, after being closed 2 days, finally opened up last night at 8pm. We sadly did not make it to ND to see my sister for her 40th birthday, but did skype when we got home- so it felt like we were there.

much love to you- thanks for keeping tabs on us. There are so many folks from this past year that i truly desire to talk to, but seem to be struggling making the time to do it-please accept my apologies!