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Thursday, August 29

Wednesday, August 28

Exercise in Faith?

A big focus of what we do here in Africa revolves around the American Churches financial backing.  We could not do what we do without "The Church" (and in our case- "The USA Church").  Often times we(Americans) think that WE are going to change the world and bless a culture by our involvement, but ask any short term team or long term missionary the truth...WE are the ones blessed and changed.

So, how does this impact the USA?  I believe that we (Americans) often rely on our pocketbook to solve issues and problems for us at home.  I believe that many of our African brothers and sisters have no finances to lean back on.  When an American Church helps plant or support an African Church- OH what a blessing- resources to grow and expand and reach people for Christ...sometimes we think that that is all that is going on.. i believe that Partnering with an African church will bring REVIVAL to the American church!  


well, consider what we (as Americans) have to learn- we support a great work oversees, and think we have changed lives(and we have).  BUT, the impact and influence the AFRICAN church can have on us is profound!  i believe that the revival comes when WE(american church) recognizes the faith of our brothers and sisters. They FULLY rely on God to meet their needs.  food, shelter, education...everything.  Imagine if that kind of faith in the Father caught hold in your church(the building you worship in and the group of people you collective gather with)?  WOW- watch out!  Holy spirit would be freed up to impact CRAZY change!

In short, WE(Americans) bless the African church with resources, tools and encouragement... the African church teaches us about real faith- now THAT is something worth investing in... don't you think?

Always a blessing that comes from the Lord when we help others.  His "repayment" is unprecedented!