mitch & char

mitch & char

Saturday, August 2

from Philly to Zurich to Brussels to Addis

well, Lufthansa picked an opportune time to strike. The pilots and ground crew stopped service late last week, and resumed some flights today, but ours is not one of them (scheduled tomorrow)... we were due in to Addis at 8pm Monday night, and with the re-routing through zurich and brussels, a 9 hour layover there, and finally to Addis, we will arrive Tuesday morning around 7am. we are arranging with the hotel to be able to check in- shower, and head to the job site then. ... also, i am a bit nervous about the 10:30 am meeting with the Ethiopian President. He is just another man-i am not concerned about that, but i want to be very cautious in greeting him, as to not offend. I am not nearly as well versed in the culture as i should be(do i shake with my left or right hand? :-) ).. irregardless, 10 of the team came in to philly today, the rest show up tomorrow, and tomorrow afternoon we fly out. 9 hours to Zurich, 9 hours in brussels, and the final 8 hours to Addis.


Dave & Renee said...

Mitch, Charlotte & Bobbi,

Good morning you sleepy heads! I woke this morning asking God to give you all strength and alertness to go and glorify your King! Mitch, that president probably doesn't realize the great land that you hail from, so show him some pics of the North Dakota Badlands and you should be fine.

By His Grace,

Dave & Renee

B & G said...

Thinking of our family,
Wishing you safe travels and a fullfilled mission trip that I know will and does touch you all so deeply. Know we are praying for you all back home! Mitch, just shake with both hands and you won't have to worry which is right !! :)You will be great!! We are proud of you all!! Love to you, Charlotte and Mom,

Love and prayers,
B & G and A & A

Patsy Gertson said...

Mitch and Char,
You are in my thoughts and prayers. I talked about the mission trip during our worship service, and I gave a powerpoint presentation of the Honduras trip to my Sunday school class. The latest count of sponsored children is 909! God is good.

Love you,
Patsy Gertson

CPRZMOM said...

Hey Mitch! You'll be glad to know don't have to curtsey. According to the embassy "upon meeting a gentle handshake is customary between members of the same sex." There you go!


Doug N Bec said...

keeping you in our hearts and prayers and excited to follow along on your mission. Beyonce shook the president's hand with her right hand and in a short dress. Hope that helps! You'll do great bro! Loads of prayers to the entire mission team, and big muches of love to you, Char and Mom. Wish I were with!! I am in my heart. Hope the flights worked out well for everyone. Take care!