mitch & char

mitch & char

Saturday, October 18

Shareathon at KSLT, KLMP and KTPT

Wow, what an amazing group of folks that i have the priviledge to serve with. 3 day, 12+ hours per day live on the air on all 3 stations. We were reminded that He is in control, and were humbled so many times by the calls and testimonies of those that met Him head on in this past year. Folks that can not even afford to give, giving it all so others can listen...truly amazing. We wrapped up Wednesday night, and 4am Thursday i started a 28 hours of Mercy event with our good friends in Michigan at Smile FM. Jenn and crew are so passionate about what we are doing overseas. Despite a rough economy-kids were still sponsored! God is amazing, i loved being "home" again- gave a small piece of normal back into life. 2 weeks-and off to Sturgeon Bay for Shareathon out there- some of our best friends (you know-the soul mate kind of friends) are there, and we are VERY excited to see them, and get to know the staff better out there. One trip after that-and we are done traveling for 2008.

God continues to show himself in amazing ways. and i try not to take everything back from him(as if i could do it better) and am learning to let Him lead.

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