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mitch & char

Saturday, May 22

Quick update from M n C

We just wanted to touch bases and see how life was going for you? Anything we can be praying for for you?

99 Days until we move to Africa-we are filled with anticipation!! We recognize that this “preparation” time is not wasted time though, and are grateful for these next few months. We are nearing our minimal funding necessary to go, and trusting that He has some folks that will be willing to partner with us with one time gifts and monthly support-MORE importantly with PRAYER!—would you pray for us, and pray for the children?

This summer will go by as quickly as any. We are hosting a team of 50 to Nairobi and Malindi Kenya from June 5th through the 16th, then Mitch turns around and takes another team to the Dominican Republic June 22nd through the 30th . July 16-18 brings Hills Alive (the music festival in Rapid City SD). This will be his last official/outward duty with Bethesda. After that, we will be wrapping things up at Bethesda Christian Broadcasting and Mission of Mercy, and our last day at work will be August 5.

We are planning on spending a week in North Dakota, and a week in South Dakota prior to flying over to Swaziland later in August.

The past month has been incredible-watching God work us overJ, and work through those around us. We are renting a room at a friend’s house for a discounted price-resulting in saving more funds for the ministry, have made connections with a number of new friends in Africa(got to love Facebook), have had some sad times-our friend GuGu passed away, leaving behind her 3 children(she was the office manager for Children’s Cup in Swaziland)-BUT, she is dancing with the King now-and we rejoice for her.

If you see the links below-we are starting a podcast site. (this is a site that via itunes, and the website, you can stream audio and video we record while in Africa) We hope to do interviews with children and adults, locals and missionaries, and pass that info on to you every few weeks. Just one more way to involve you in what He is doing in Africa!

God is so good, Charlotte and I have never been closer, and continue to prepare our hearts for all that is “Africa”. Please bookmark the blog site below(we will post our newsletters there, and other random thoughts and stories), as well-subscribe to the audio feeds(updates coming soon)

Hope to see you soon! If you can find just a few minutes-crack open your bible and re-read Psalm 100…. Focus on it, it is SO very true! If the maker of mountains and caterpillars loves us so much, we certainly can enjoy praising Him. He is not some intangible white bearded ruler, He is our most intimate friend that walks and talks with us!

Mitch and Charlotte Hildebrant
Missionaries to Swaziland Africa

Psalm 82:3-4 MSG “You're here to defend the defenseless, to make sure that underdogs get a fair break; Your job is to stand up for the powerless….”

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