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mitch & char

Tuesday, July 20

Endings mean new beginnings

Ok, random thoughts to follow…

Well, we finished up the last real "official" duty for Bethesda Christian Broadcasting…HILLS ALIVE, celebrating 25 years as the biggest FREE family festival.  Crowds over the 3 days were over 65,000!  Hundreds met Jesus for the first time, hundreds of children were sponsored with MofM, and it was powerful to see and watch Him move.

It was an emotional event for us.  We LOVE the radio ministry, we LOVE seeing what KSLT, KLMP and KTPT The Point do in the Black Hills 24 hours per day, and we LOVE how tangible Hills Alive allows us to be as we represent Christ. 

This is an odd transition for us, leaving things we truly love (BCB and Mission of Mercy) to pursue full time Missions in Swaziland… as this chapter closes, we clutch on to His promises.  We know that (albeit unknown to some degree) new beginnings will quickly be shown to us…for now though, we are filled with a fair amount of sadness. 

We have started our first round of goodbyes :-(.  I don't know how else to compare this, so I will just throw this out there…Babies- after 9 months in the womb; warm, comfortable, content and about to have the only world they know changed completely-uncertain of what is to come, about to see, hear and feel differently.  I guess this is a bit of what we are going through-we know there is something amazing waiting, but the sadness of leaving our comfort, friends, family and more is setting in.

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Me said...

It was great to see you guys at Hills Alive! I don't say this lightly, but what a beautiful place for both of you to be - completely emptied and obedient - following the example of Christ Phil 2:5-8

Luv you both!

Anonymous said...

dearest heart can only imagine your hearts right now....someone once told me to stick to what I knew (don't let your mind wander off on the what if's!).....and what I know is that our God is so unchanging....his love is so so great....and though I cry while I write this.....I know that He would not lay this on your hearts unless his kingdom would be increased! Glory to him as you embark this new adventure...he will never leave you nor forsake you!! We love you so much!

Beth Anne said...

My heart is full reading this... I'm waiting for the day God opens the flood gates and fulfills His promise to me to be in Swazi... so many emotions, but such a HUGE, faithful God that has called us! :) Sending you love :) Beth

Janelle Keith said...

you and Char's life have been a testimony to soooo many. I am one that is changed by your leadership. God didn't lead you to this point to abandon you now. New beginnings are heartbreaking....but as you make this u-turn in life....(yes this is my next blog post) we watch, wait and pray as God fills in the blanks.