mitch & char

mitch & char

Wednesday, August 4

Mixed drinks?

Yah, that is kind of what we feel like.  1 part ecstatic, 1 part sadness, 1 part uncertainty, and ½ measure of joy.  As we leave a ministry we absolutely LOVE (Mission of Mercy and Bethesda Christian Broadcasting), to pursue our dream and His dream…it is just a mix.  Shaken, not stirred.  Every once in a while a different ingredient seems to separate and float to the top. We are comforted by His word and Promise.  He has a plan for us… who are we that HE would have a care and plan for us?  We are His beloved-amazing to think of a God that loves you SO much, and knows you by name.  Feeling blessed, unworthy, and oh so much more…. What a mix! (yes, i talked about Jesus and mixed drinks at the same time.. no offense intended)



Sandra said...

Looking forward to your arrival. Enjoy your last day of work! And know we will mix and stir and can't promise the not shaken part when you get to Swaziland. But you are in His hands and there is no better place to be!!! See you soon!!!
P.S. We both used the same template! And you need to change my link to my new blog name, it is no longer Momzilla. Big hugs and love my homeless, jobless friends!!!!

Brandon King said...

I love the analogy. I know the feeling all to well I'm sure every missionary does! Very excited about you two coming. September needs to hurry up and get here. See ya soon! Eat some Taco Bell for me LOL

Anonymous said...

Mitch I love your humor! :) I think it is most fitting! I am sooo excited by what God is doing! I look forward to hearing many more stories! You are in my prayers! Love in Christ!!