mitch & char

mitch & char

Thursday, January 13

Section 19

That is the communities name. Section 19. In the middle of sugar cane
fields, and quite possibly the poorest of the poor we have ever seen.
Disease, illness, poor living conditions, the only water source is the
channel that is used for irrigation for the cane fields. These are their
houses, this is their community. Around 80 children and their families.
Some orphaned, some with caregivers, some dads work in the cane fields.
Many brew their own alcohol for escape. And today, Children's Cup committed
to help! In partnership with a loving and local church in this region(very
remote) We will start feeding next month(very important to get proper
nutrition-many of the children's hair is turning red at the roots-protein
deficient), incorporate medical assistance by late spring, teaching and
training before fall. We are reminded again that GOD loves these do we! We see that the enemy would love to kill and destroy, he
is a dream stealer. BUT, GOD ( I love that.. "BUT, GOD".. it applies to SO
many situations in life) has plans to turn their plight into glory for THE
high king. HE can always turn bad to good! WE are LOVING working with the
ministry here in Swaziland!

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jami. said...

Amazing! He is so amazing. Thanks for working so hard for Him and for these beautiful people. We love to see more being done, more hope being brought!!! Love you guys.