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mitch & char

Tuesday, March 1

Six month mark...

Hi everyone! Char here, trying my hand at this blog thing. :-)
As I sit here on our six month mark of being in Swaziland, Africa, my heart is full. It seems like we just arrived yesterday, yet other times it feels like we've been here for years. I was listening to some music today and Ten Avenue North By Your Side came on...I love the chorus:
And I'll be by your side
Wherever you fall
In the dead of night
Whenever you call
And please don't fight
These hands are holding you
My hands are holding you.

For obvious reasons these lyrics touched me, but also it made be tremendously homesick for our home radio station(s) KLST, KLMP and the Point. I realized how much I miss Christian radio, which is not available here in Swaziland. I so took for granted that whenever I got into my car or while I was at work, I could just flip a switch and be inspired by some amazing songs, lyrics and of course the best announcers on the planet. I'm extremely grateful for CD's, iPods and DVD's that we've received with Christian music. Please don't take for granted this amazing ministry you have right at your fingertips.
God is good and so are we. We keep pressing on. We are blessed by an amazing group of people to do life with here - including our newest missionaries the Princes - Stephen, Krista, Avery, Iliea and Ellie. They have fit right in here in Swaziland, you'd think they'd been here for months. ;-)

We are so thankful for your prayers, gifts of support and goodies received in the mail - such a treat to get a taste of home - Thank you!!

Until next time, thanks for reading and if I could borrow a quote from someone special, "Keep looking UP"

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