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Friday, April 22

"Easters" and PowerCamps in Swaziland

The kids call it "Easters" and it makes us chuckle.  They are so eager to learn and so willing to listen.  Many adults in this country do not value children.  We had a little boy flinch when we wnet to give him a hug.(can you imagine what home life must be like?).  Easter is a social event here.  Families going back to their homesteads, children shuffled off with different caregivers.  The country reminds me of North Dakota growing up.  Businesses close for several days and the towns are quiet.  It is also school term break here, so there are even more children at the CarePoints these 2 weeks...a perfect time to let them know how much we love and care for them, a perfect time to show them that they have a father that loves them, a perfect time for "PowerCamps"!  Christ died for them too, and they are developing a relationship with Him.


There were 2 young girls that really stood out at our first Power Camp.  They are both about 13 and just radiant!  They have been youth leaders (helping the little ones) at the CarePoint for a while now,(our discipleship team has done a fantastic job in raising up leaders from the older children).  These 2 young ladies put together a dance routine to music to teach all of the other children.. it was AMAZING to watch them teach hundreds of kids (about 40 at a time) to do the dance moves.  The children were excited to have an older child(mentor) spend that kind of time with them.   Could we have taught them to dance?-sure, but there is great value in them seeing that others in their community that live with them, LOVE THEM!  We count this as a check mark of His success in reaching the hurting and lost.


As you celebrate Easter-please say a prayer for the children.  They are getting to know the same risen Savior that you and I know.


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