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Saturday, July 2

Would we have Psalm 51 if David had not sinned?

I have been studying about King David a bit.  God chose him to be the next king (after Saul).  King David once said of Saul “Oh how the mighty have fallen”… King David was on a roller coaster  in his life.  A rise to “fame”, then hit by lust, coveting, adultery, murder…and he tried to cover it all up.  God knew that David must be humbled, and essentially told this dude (Nahum) all about what King David had done.  The result: Perhaps one of the purest prayers of repentance I have read.  Psalm 51.  God knew his heart, and what choices he would make…but He also knew that David would one day repent.


I want to live a life of trust and vulnerability around me(and I recognize that that is dangerous).  If I do it in private-I want someone else to know.  Sin could have taken David, but the Grace of God redeemed him.  It is easy to cover up, not trust, not build relationships…it is dangerous to live in the open, be accountable, and take the risk that it is not if but WHEN trust is broken.  Man will let us down, but GOD never will (I love those “but God” moments).


Yet-God’s example with David is that the things we should be ashamed of need to be out in the open.  Accountability to God and to man.  Our sin will always find us…what if David had been open with his courts the instant he had Lust in his heart?  What story would have unfolded? ( I truly don’t know.  However, as the story went-it is a beautiful, humbling and rekindling experience)


Sin is such a slippery slope…one thing leads to another, and each step leads farther away from God.  As we prepare for Hills Alive, and to speak to Christians, non Christians, and who-ever else is there, we are recognizing that no matter which step any of us is on-there is still hope.  God truly wants to redeem ALL to Himself…a truly repentant heart is a beautiful thing.  It is NEVER too late to connect or re-connect with Jesus.  NO sin is too far for God to reach from the heights of the heavens to the bottom of the oceans to redeem. (see jonah)


Had David’s sin not led down a horrible path, generations would not have benefited from the results of God’s redeeming grace and a true example of repentance.  Not saying that sin is EVER ok, but what choices you have made can be stopped, turned around, and buried…all for one purpose: To Glorify God and touch generations.


I am a sinner-and desire to be a man after God’s own heart…


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