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mitch & char

Thursday, November 10

shocked **caution pg 13+ content**

Something that happens all too often.  I am leaving out details/names but wanted you to see the deep dark secrets and struggles of reaching a generation of youth.


6 yr old girl shows up at a friends house.  He is 8 years old.  She says “lets play house house” (this is a “game” that children play here-they live in confined spaces and see the adults around them having sex-so they imitate this behavior…it breaks our hearts every day).  He says “what is house house” .  The 6 year old explains that they should be naked and lay on each other and move back and forth.


WOW right?  Here is where we were devastated.  They were caught “in the act” and when the 6 yr old girl was asked why she would do this. Her response was “My uncle does this to me every morning and afternoon, he is 9 years old and lives with us”.  She did not think or know that there was anything wrong with it.


This is just 1 of the thousands of stories that go untold here in Swaziland.   We remain shocked.  At the core of all we are doing-we are trying to share with these beautiful kids what God’s plan is in their life.  They do not have to mimic or repeat these behaviors-but even before that-we must show them that they have a purpose, design and plan.  That they are valued and their body is a temple.  Education at such a basic level…a level that I have taken for granted for sure. 


So where is the joy in the above story?-well, we are able to work with a few more kids and teach them about a different way to live, what their purpose is.  This gives us an open door to have our discipleship and medical team speak with and education a family and a community.  We do not take lightly what happens, but are grateful that God allows people in the ministry to speak into lives.  We pray for change and that what we share will “stick”…join us.

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