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mitch & char

Saturday, April 14

Update from Mitch n Char

Well, it has been an interesting month for sure.  The ministry continues to see the amazing hand of the Lord move through it.  Our interns at the Global Leadership Academy are amazing us each day-we truly believe that THIS is the key to completion of efforts with children/young adults.  Equipping tomorrow’s leaders with Character, Integrity, Leadership, Business, Finance, Serving and of course the Word!


The Carepoint’s have become incredibly healthy.  We have added on a new missionary whose focus in Education.  What perfect timing-as the education system here is on the brink of collapse.  This has already brought about Curriculum for preschoolers, and homework clubs for all of our kids…and the kids LOVE to come.. we do some homework help, chat and sometimes play a game…of course-they always get to hear a little more about Jesus.


Our orphan homes are full-there is so much need, but we are finding better ways to even meet those needs.  We have begun working within the community for a  new approach.  We could never build enough or finance enough orphanages-BUT we can do an “in community/By Community” support with food, medical checkups and more- a great enhancement to the CarePoints.


Along with this, we have just finished one major building project at Njojane(en-jo-jah-knee).  A very remote area that when asked, many children had never heard of “GOD”.  we are so excited as this large building will double as a new church plant on the weekends, and a CarePoint every other day of the week (CarePoint-point of care where kiddos can come to be safe, receive education support, medical care, nutritious meals, social/emotional counseling and more)


One more major project is nearing completion- the “Dream Center”  We are praying that God would give us the right people to help lead the charge for this.  It will be a place to bring our youth/young adults for trainings, seminars, exposure to opportunities, work clinics, teaching and so much more.  We hope to launch programs as early as August here.. and this big BIG building will also be a church plant on Sundays at they reach out to 2 of our communities and are on the Global Leadership Academy grounds in Mbekelweni(em-beg-el-we-knee)


We have been a bit “away” for nearly 4 weeks now .  As I type(and get in trouble by char for using the computer) I sit in a hospital bed in Nelspruit South Africa.  We are seeing God and each other in new and unique ways, so we praise HIM!.  If you were not aware, and would like to see/learn more about what has happened medically- please visit or .


We have been SO encouraged and SO blessed to have the emails and notes these past weeks.  They truly have helped us carry on in some very dark times.


Anxious to get back to our kids, I weep thinking about getting out there and hugging and kissin them all!


Bless you and thank you so very much!,


Mitch and Charlotte Hildebrant
Missionaries to Swaziland Africa with Children's Cup International Relief

John 13:34 “Love one another, as I have loved you, so you must love one another..." 



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Kay West said...

Swaziland misses you--get well SOON and come home!!