mitch & char

mitch & char

Friday, December 14

Year end opportunity

$25,000 matched so far.. $75,000 to go!

We are SUPER excited about the future and the sustainability of the “long term”. We have opportunity to purchase an existing Bed and Breakfast type setup in South Africa. Approximately $200,000 needed. These facilities comes fully setup and will allow for:

· Lower cost for short term missionary housing (sleeps 24)

· Office Space for Children’s Cup staff to work out of

· Large training room/facility for meetings, worship and future leadership school/Bible school

· Home for us and another missionary to live in full time

· Storage facility for food parcels (Feed My Starving Children fortified rice)

· Transitional housing for new missionaries on the field

· Retreat area for field missionaries as a central location to Zim, Moz, Swazi, & SA

· Less dependency on monthly support from donors( funds diverted to projects)

We believe that this is a gift that will benefit MANY for years to come, and the idea of having home and office with NO rent-allows us to free up more funds for immediate needs of those around us. Your gift (in our name) will solidify this vision, equip a generation, bless missionaries and be matched $for$ up to $100,000. So we only need to raise approx $100,000 to secure a property($25,000 raised and matched so far...just $75,000 to go)!! Would you consider giving a one time gift today? Tax deductible at or contact us directly if you do not need a tax deduction.

This picture represents just one of the possible properties available right now.

Bless you. we hope you can come serve with us and have Him mold your heart for the precious kids we love so much!


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