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mitch & char

Thursday, May 9

lil update

Hello!!  As spring hits there, we are in the middle of fall.. it is always odd to watch leaves fall this time of year.  The weather is getting cooler at night(upper 40s) and will continue until frosts come in july.  We pray for those that do not have blankets or funds to pay for electricity to run electronic heaters.

We have been keeping busy here in launching South Africa.  We have registered the ministry with government, have imported foods for our kids(about 1500 now) and are starting to enroll children for our upcoming launch to child sponsorship.  Exciting times indeed.  A lot of meetings and conversations with local pastors, 5 teams coming our way before October, and the saving message of Christ being shared with every meal to every child.

The mahushu community now goes to the church for help, where before they had no where to go.  The local chief was so impressed by what the church is doing there(we want them to see the church, not the white man)-that he is giving land and free water for use.

The reality of what we do is summed up here:
Children's workers training last week with partners at Emoyeni.  Talking about Matthew 18(jesus talks about kids).. one of the workers said, I love my kids and tolerate others, infact-I don't like children very much.. I NEVER knew Jesus loved them so much.  Forgive me, and help me to love them like Christ!  SUCCESS!!!

We love you and miss you!  Thank you so much for sending us!

Mitch and Charlotte

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Cheryl Deville said...

Amazing how the Lord can change a heart in the twinkling of an eye. Giving us a new song, new life, new hope...God bless you, both!