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mitch & char

Monday, June 17

Judas and Jesus

hmm.. been reading alot about JC and trying to gain an understanding of the depth of His heart.  He knew (being God in the flesh), from the beginning of time that Judas would betray him, yet-he involved Judas in his life as a trusted disciple...if you read the story up until the point of the betrayal, one would never know that Judas was gonna sell out his Savior.
We have had surprising disappointments with individuals we have discipled here in Africa, yet the positive outcomes far outweigh the negative.  Those negatives catch us off-guard, betrayal, deceit, etc... 
What i see in Christ is that EVEN if you KNOW someone will betray you-to still teach and work with and LOVE them...and not just superficially...perhaps he uses the last minute to have the deceit revealed because He knows that in our flesh we would not invest in those people if we knew what they would do to us at a later time.

Oh to Love like Jesus

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