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Saturday, January 18

"This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased."

Matthew 3:17 And a voice from heaven said, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased."

As a type A, people pleasing personality, i have always wrestled with the concept of identity.  We all KNOW our identity is in Christ(or so our bible knowledge says so), but to get that message DEEP into our hearts is a whole different thing.  There is a perception about missionaries-we have it ALL figured out.  I love knowing that i DONT have it all figured out and that i am learning and hearing God fresh and new each day.  We were even told that local bible studies/cell groups may be "Afraid" to have us participate as we would be more "spiritually advanced". (glad people feel that way, but it really is just not true)(sorry if you felt this way- we don't have all the answers, but we long to know more)

oops off topic again(i do that alot, i think its called rabbit trailing, or spider-webbing, or...)

I have always wanted people to be "happy" with me, and have often in my life compromised who i am, and what i was willing to do.  I would fall trap into "i can sacrifice time with God for XX person to accomplish xx task", or "i can skip xx in order to please xx".  Can you relate?  have you ever done this?

As a bit of a workaholic, i found my identity in the completed lists and tasks. (you?),   I could do XX, I did XX, etc etc.. 


here in Matthew 3, the start of Jesus' earthly ministry.  A dude(yup, i referred to Jesus as a dude-please don't be offended) nearly 30 years old has done really...little to nothing.  Son of an earthly carpenter, studied and taught a little bit at the temple...but not much is really recorded of him or his accomplishments.. then this.. OH THIS happens..

"This is my son, whom i love and am well pleased"

Say what?  He hasn't done anything, how could anyone be pleased with a son that has no accomplishments?

This just gives me and you a glimpse into God's amazing grace and love. 

We don't need to do a thing.. not ONE to please Him...He is pleased with us regardless of failures, attempts, or apparent insignificance.  Oh to Love everyone like that.  To be "SO pleased" just because they are who they are.  

I am not talking about salvation here, but just the Father's love and His expectation on us.  Our lives would be complete if we did NOTHING else than "just" love God.  No task, No list, No "accomplishments"

What an amazing and incredible God to love us so.  What a great message to share with our kids here in Africa- and for you to share with yours...

Next time your kid royally screws up-how about saying "You are my child and i am so pleased with you"

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Janelle Keith said...

I've gone through a complete identity crisis myself, since leaving a job where my total public image was wrapped up in. Jesus, though has set me free in the new me, the lovely little girl I've always been, whole and restored as I daily bask in His grace. And yes, He loves us the same and immeasurably. It's not that we serve Him, it's that we love Him back in the same way He gives His agape love. Life changing truth to treasure in our hearts. God gives us permission to just be His. That's what love is.