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mitch & char

Sunday, July 19

Great Grace, 2 bibles and 90 days

I wish I could say as a "Christ follower" that I never have stress or anxiety. The truth is I know what the Bible says about not worrying and being anxious for nothing. But the rubber still meets the road.
We have been and remain concerned that South Africa will not issue us our needed visa(permit to remain 3 more years). We trust and believe that the Lord can do this. Unfortunately between Him and us is a lot of man made policies and red tape...and people.
We found a Zambian friend that believes he can help us, but it will take some time do so from here.
Our current visa expires tuesday so today we went to the Swaziland border to plead our case and ask for a brief extension to allow the South Africa home affairs department more time to process the request that was filed in October 2014.
We were met at a very rural border post by Mr Nkosi. We chatted a bit and went through the border. About 3 hours later we came back to cross back into South Africa. Mr Nkosi was still there and we greeted him once again. We then explained our situation and asked if there was anyway we could beg for 90 days of extended stay. He paused and looked back and forth at our paperwork. He then scanned our passports and reached into his desk drawer with a special stamp. As the stamp hit the passports we didn't know what he would write on it or type into the system...He showed us Great Grace and wrote down "October 17". Once again saving us the headache and expense of trying to refile from the USA.
We thanked him in Siswati and handed him a bible. Border posts like this are very quiet and generally nothing to do to pass the time. The guards at the gate also received a bible. We had them open it and agree to read a verse and speak with each other about what the Word of God says. We started them off at John 3:16 (seemed like a good verse to lead with)

So we remain. Waiting on the Lord and believing strength will rise while we do so.
Faith not tested can often not be trusted.
Thanks for your prayers. Your support. Your friendship. We love you.


Sandra Chesterman said...

So glad to see your trust and faith being strengthened through the mistakes of others that have left you hanging. I pray that today is the day you get the call that your visa is approved!!! Love and hugs!

Dave said...

You two have more strength and patience than I can imagine. I will pray that you don't have to do this again in three months, and can set this aside and continue your work in South Africa uninterrupted. We love you both!