mitch & char

mitch & char

Sunday, January 24

A day, (Uhm rather) a week at a glance ;-)

What does a day in the life look like?

We have been asked this question many times by many people. There really is no precise or simple answer. But maybe the below will help you understand a bit. 

We realized that in 2015 we had so many "urgent" things come up, that we allowed them to override the "important" things. Our challenge in 2016 to ourselves is to not let the urgent distract from the important. (Instead of putting out fires, we want to prevent them). 
We are gifted at planning and strategizing. And the Lord has always gracefully allowed us to walk out those plans when we submit them to him. So this is our 2016 plan as laid before the Lord and you!

Monday's-it's our farm day-good ol sweat and dirt. It's our way of helping to steward the great gift the Lord gave us in this place
Tuesday's-young adult mentoring and one on ones with teens, then a partners and missionary study. 
Wednesday's-lesson prep, ministering in the dump ground, after school tutoring and young adult school of ministry. 
Thursday's-errands and admin for ourselves and Spark Foundation(our South African non profit-there's a stack of paperwork. It is surprising the amount of info and detail needed to run a simple non profit.)
Friday's-partners meeting and after school tutoring. 

One weekend a month working and serving with our partners and projects 2 hours north of us (5 sites with bible programs and feeding). 

One weekend a month working and serving with our partners and projects 3 hours east of us in Swaziland(2 sites with preschool, bible programs and feeding)

One weekend a month hosting youth in our house for deeper ministry and overnights away from their circumstances. (2-3 kids at a time)

When we are available on Sunday evenings we help our dear friend Darryl with the local church called "grace". It's a great bridge for the white and black community to come together. 

Then we have several teams throughout the year-and we try to incorporate them as best we can, into our daily lives. 

2-3 times a year the local schools have a term break. This presents perfect opportunities to host, teach and work with youth at the farm for several day "camps"

This is not a self promoting post. 

Please know our hearts. We just know that for you(if you haven't been here) it can be hard to understand what you are supporting and why. 

All that we do-we incorporate the Lord Jesus into it. Farm days, meetings, tutoring, feeding, schooling and all activities point to the cross!  Mornings start with prayer and devotionals for farm workers, tutoring grows out of relationship with kids around talking about what the Lord is doing in their lives. Feeding programs grow from the local church and their desire to meet the needs and present the gospel-so we provide training and resources to equip them. It's truly a sweet season we have entered. 

We always try to provide a hand up and not a hand out. 

We are so grateful that you allow us to be here to do this. 

We had a missionary legend named Dave that told us years ago-"relationship is the best spent currency". Oh it's so true! 

At Spark Foundation our moniker is to Engage, Equip and Empower
We truly believe that by doing so-Jesus will be known, seen and felt. And this side of heaven will be a better place for those that know Him and have the Hope that only He can provide. 


dennis weidus said...

Wow what a work schedule‼️😃

I believe I knew that Missionary Legend y'all mentioned named Dave! He was quite a special guy who even invested a bit of relationship in me! I'm a better man for it!

God bless you Mitch n Char for continuing to invest in souls in Africa, I'm with ya‼️😍

Janelle Keith said...

Love who you are in God, and the love of God shown through each relationship that your lives are touching. It's all about abiding in relationship with the One who calls! It's a honor to partner in prayer and support to such a devoted couple!