mitch & char

mitch & char

Saturday, November 7

This really drills home one more  great reason why we are MOVING to Africa:

…we covet your prayers-thank you so very much!


What an exciting journey he has planned for all of us-YOU are included in that journey!—He has a journey for you too!   You know, we had a friend with a huge tapestry hanging on his wall.  We took that tapestry and hung it backwards-it was ugly, and made no sense- the fabrics and threads weaved to and fro and made no pattern or discernable design at all.  It would be garbage.  I liken that to our life- we see tattered threads as they weave about crossing each other here and there.  It makes no sense sometimes.. but here comes the Joy!.. HE sees the other side- He has orchestrated those threads to make something beautiful-and as you flip that tapestry around- an incredible picture of all the right threads in all the right places to make a stunning image of a giant mountain with an eagle soaring high above.   The picture we see is not the whole picture- but we take comfort in knowing that HE knows the real picture-and where each thread needs to be to accomplish the end goal.


WHAT AN AWESOME GOD we have the pleasure to serve!



Mitch and Charlotte Hildebrant
Missionaries to Swaziland Africa
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