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mitch & char

Monday, November 2

We were touched deeply in Africa this year. The short story and result : we will be moving there to further ministry efforts on the ground in Swaziland, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. We hope to arrive in the fall of 2010 as missionaries partnering with a child development organization “Childrens Cup”

We will write more soon- but thought you should know now!

It has been an incredible journey that has brought us this far, and we will continue serving with Bethesda Broadcasting and Mission of Mercy until we leave for the next chapter. We are still passionate about being involved with KSLT, KLMP, KTPT, WPFF, WNLI and HIlls Alive-and will continue to give guidance, direction and vision for that ministry. As well, Mission of Mercy runs deep in our veins, and we are excited about the opportunities happening here-in and around us for Mission of Mercy's growth in changing THOUSANDS of childrens lives every day.--this does not and will not change- we LOVE these ministries-and actually thought we would retire serving here with them-who knows, maybe God will call us back together in the future.

This is an exciting "out of the boat" leap for us. Giving up all that we know, selling it all should be a scary thing.. but OH do we have an inexplicable peace!

We wrestled with God about finances, impact, numbers of people we can help in our current roles… what we have heard back is “I don’t care about your accounting, I care about your obedience- come serve me here”… our response is now- a resounding YES.

Romans 12:1 has been a solid point of reference for us, and we are filled with anticipation to see Him move.

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Susan S. said...

Hi Guys! How WONDERFUL to hear your news about the exciting news! I'd seen on Facebook that you had a blog (me too) so I've been wanting to log on and catch up with you two. I've added myself as a follower to your blog and look forward to going step by step with you on your journey! You two are incredible and share God's love so ya both!