mitch & char

mitch & char

Tuesday, February 16


Don’t have a lot to share, just been feeling His Love so much more lately.  It may be the most chaotic time of tasks, duties, work that I have ever had-yet the peace I feel is inexplicable.  God is putting new friends into our life, and allowing us to relish in the time we are able to spend with family.  We just went skiing as a family for the 20+ year in a row…you just can not buy memories like that!  I have learned SO much from those around us, we are seeing through what seems “different” eyes as of late.  It is exciting-as we have focused more on seeing Christ in others instead of being wrapped up in ourselves. 


6 months from now, we should be on our way to Swaziland, before that though: Honduras next week, a number of state side trips for Bethesda Christian Broadcasting(have I told you lately how much I LOVE this ministry), several orientations and fundraisers for Mission of Mercy(have I told you lately how sponsors are changing the future world one child at a time?) and trips to lead to Kenya and the Dominican Republic.


God is SO good… do you know Him like you know your best friend, spouse, brother, sister, mom, dad?  If not- WHY?  You don’t have to recite a prayer, or go through motions to develop an intimate relationship with a God that Loves you- you can just have coffee and chat with Him!  And that is incredibly cool!


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