mitch & char

mitch & char

Wednesday, February 24

Update from Mitch and Charlotte

HELLO!!!!  For the past several months through our newsletter we have asked you to be praying for us… we realize this has been a bit one sided, and would be HONORED to be praying for YOU.  What is going on in your life that we can pray for?  The good, the bad, even the ugly-we want you to know we stand WITH you.


Wanted to share a quick praise and give you a brief update.  As of this morning- we are under contract on our home(one of the requests we have been asking for your prayers on).  Mission of Mercy and Bethesda Christian Broadcasting are getting closer to finding our replacements, and we continue to lift up the ministry for discernment in who those individuals will be.


With the house looking as if it will sell (closing is set for April 2) we will locate an apartment or room for rent until early August, at which point we will say our goodbyes here in Colorado, go spend a week in North Dakota with family and friends, and a week in South Dakota with family and friend, and then head to over to take up permanent residence in Swaziland Africa.  We should be on the ground before August closes out and fall begins here(spring in South Africa).


Thank you so very much for your prayers and support, we are truly humbled in being allowed to serve Him this way, and watch Him make the path clear for us.  You are part of this journey-we can not do it without you-and we would not want to!




Mitch and Charlotte Hildebrant
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Druh said...

i am so stoked for you guys! :D seriously. i get excited every time i read your updates. i will be praying for you guys. all the while,... trying not to be jealous ;) love you both!!