mitch & char

mitch & char

Friday, April 2


Well, it is Good Friday. The images of “Passion of the Christ” still flash infront of us. We have not watched it since it came out in theatres several years ago. To imagine that He did it for us… who are we? We certainly did not deserve that! BUT OH how He loves us, and that proved it. His death meant our life! What a conflict- it took someone dying so that we could live. We want to rejoice(and we do), yet we are saddened(and we weep). 2 emotions simultaneously.

It pails in comparison, but today was a conflicting day for us. Our flesh reacted in its “covetous” nature. We sold our home today.. we are elated-as it is one step closer to His dream in us (Swaziland Africa), but sad that we no longer have the nice house… at the end of it all-it is a NO brainer- why would we put a house on a pedestal as high as Christ… well, not as high, but I think you get our drift. It is just our flesh, and we so want those pieces carved out. We are sad, but truly counting it as joy.

This weekend, we will spend Easter with great friends(friends that are housing us for 2 weeks) then up to North Dakota(taking the antiques from the house up to storage at the family farm and speaking at 2 great churches)..then moving in with other great friends who will have their house completed and are ready for us to move in with them through August.

We are in awe of Him, of those He uses, and of the junk we still have to get rid of in our lives…He truly is molding us-and we are SO grateful!

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