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Wednesday, May 11

In the Teacher's Words...

This is written by one of the Teacher’s employed by Children’s Cup.  It is OBVIOUS the heart she has for reaching the lost in her country here in Swaziland


As a teacher at Madonsa I come every morning for class before the kids. I would see the 3ry old twins Alex and Alexina  lying flat with their empty stomachs just by the door of the classroom.  They were not only hungry, but smelly and dirty.  I could see that they slept another night without food. So for these twins to survive they were coming to the  Care Point to find food. The cooks would prepare breakfast for the kids, so Alex and Alexina would have their first meal.  I was troubled by this and I asked the cooks about the welfare of this kids, I was told that their parents died of H.I.V./ Aids so they stay with their grandmother who is also a drunkard.   I decided to bring clean clothes and lotion and bathing soap for them.  I would bath them and change their dirty clothes and by 10am they would be ready for food. When I first bathed them they couldn’t  stop smiling.  Tthese kids had never put on underwear before, so for them it was so exiting...

I moved from that CarePoint to another which was farther away. It was realy sad for me to leave the twins, but I continued praying for them. After a while one of the cooks told me that they are no longer coming to the Carepoint because their grandmother has asked the kids to go the dump site to get food for them and the rest of the family, it was heartbreaking to hear that.

This year they are 7 yrs old, they are back at the CarePoint with the help of the facilitator who found them as they were doing a community and home visit. These kids are fighters and  the hand of God is upon them, they are exelling at school.  Alex the boy, got position 2 in his class and Alexina the girl, got position 3.  They have hope and future!!



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