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mitch & char

Thursday, May 19

Sitting under a Tree -Starting a new CarePoint

That is how business and partnerships are formed here in Swaziland.  Today was no exception. We met with community leaders and volunteer cooks to discuss the stages and steps to starting a CarePoint in their community(a point or location where children will come for care-including meals, medical aid, educational support, spiritual guidance, life skills)

They were VERY elated to have the possibility of partnership, and advised us. “You can dust your shoes” if you are not happy and it will be our fault. (to say-we can walk away if they do not hold up their part of the partnership).

We have just started feeding.  There are now 80+ children coming daily and this number will continue to grow.  They are responsible to bring firewood and supply loving volunteers to prepare meals for the children.. we can take care of the other details.  In late June, we will enroll these children into the Mission of Mercy child sponsorship model for additional funding and support.  This will equip us to implement medical aid, add on staff, preschool, bible clubs, and more.

It takes time, sometimes more than we expect…but we believe this- it is time WELL spent on the startup to ensure long term success.  God is the driving force, and they were excited that we wanted to start our time together in prayer.  Hearts for a common purpose-and now, a future CarePoint in the making!


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