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mitch & char

Thursday, June 30

A Beautiful girl from Zombodze


I love this little girl.  She is obviously handicapped, but SMILES and hugs that light up the valley!!!  (then 5 minutes later, more giggles, smiles and up for another hug… she is like shampoo- rinse, lather, repeat.. )J


God is growing our facilitator’s heart in to loving and caring for the Carepoint kids in an extra-ordinary way. This is a story of Gugu Dlamini who is 13yrs of age.  Gugu was staying in Logoba with her mother who was mentally ill.  In 2008 mom passed away, and the community took gugu to the psycho social centre. Gugu is also someone who is mentally challenged so living with out her mother was very hard on her. After some time she started wandering around going from one place to another.   Places she has never been before just looking for some one who can love and take care of her.


Many Men were taking advantage of her. Pretending to love her but abusing her sexually.  But we all know that Gods love and protection was always with her. God lead Gugu to Zombodze Carepoint  were she found Prudence (the facilitator there). Prudence gave her self time to build a strong relationship with Gugu.  Prudence invited Gugu to stay with her in her home. And because of the abuse that has happen in Gugu,s  life Prudence gave her time and took her to the hospital to do the tests she needed to do with the help of the Cup Medical team. Gugu felt the love and care from the Carepoint and Prudence!  She is now adjusting she does not wander around not knowing where she going. You can tell that this was God that led her to this Carepoint.   To receive the love, care and protection there.  She is always there playing, eating and helping the cooks … EVERYDAY. Blessings to you all who are supporting our Carepoints because there are many children like Gugu who need to be loved, secured and appreciated of who they are. Gugu has HOPE and future now-and it all comes down to LOVE!

-story by Portia Dube(our awesome preschool discipleship coordinator)

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