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Sunday, June 12

The heart of a Volunteer Cook - bringing JOY to so many

Thuli Mdluli is a cook at one of our CarePoints. She has  compassionate heart, and has shown this by extending care for 3 kids that don’t even belong to her.


Meet John.  John was abondoned by his mom, and left to his father (who is now re-married).  The new wife wanted to leave him because John was not her son. The father decided to harm John, in fact he tried to kill him by throwing John in a homestead where there were fierce dogs.  Momma Thuli “Two-lee” rescued him.  She took the small boy to her homestead where she is also living with Phephile “Pay-pee-lay” and Muzi “Moo-zee” and Rosenna  who are all double orphans.


Thuli is a volunteer cook at the CarePoint, and  is taking John with her everyday.  he is too young to attend the pre school class because he is only 3yrs old.  The boy now flows with joy.  He recently sang a song that they sing at bible clubs and he shared a Memory verse from the bible club…we are so amazed at how he can take the Word in his heart.  It was cute, ,he was stammering saying 1John 16:16 “I…chose… you… to.. go… and… bear fruit “,  the recovery that the Lord is bringing in the child’s life is awesome. May He be praised.


Phephile and Muzi came to stay with Thuli when they were 3 and 5 yrs old, now Phepile is 18 yrs and Muzi is 20yrs old and they are very active youth at the CarePoint. Their education is  being sponsored by a nearby school. (the schools are required to leave open X number of slots for double orphaned children-and are not supposed to charge them for education)


Rosenna, (now the 4th child) has also lost both of her parents.  She is 5yrs old and Thuli rescued her from her uncle. The wife of the uncle did not like and did not want anything to do with Rosenna.  She was abusing the child emotionally and physically in unthinkable ways.  She would strangle her and torture her by putting a hot iron on her forehead.  Even now she is still healing from the physical scars.  But God is restoring her.  She is now a happy child(our goal for all of these kids), and is attending our CarePoint school and bible clubs and playing with other kids and feeling the love of Christ through Mama Thuli!!


These kids are the NORM here in Swaziland.  I wish we had to dig hard to find stories like this, but for now-that is not so.  The PIECE of hope we cling to is that because of great women like Momma Thuli, these kids have love back in their lives.  The PEACE of hope truly passes all understanding.

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