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mitch & char

Tuesday, August 2

beautiful boy

Empty boxes from Feed My Starving Children double as bumbo seats at Children's Cup CarePoints. One of the volunteer cooks said she was trying to teach her baby how to sit up. (thanks for the photo Stephen Prince)


Well, we are back and in full swing here in Swaziland.  The brief trip to the USA was nice..the best part was seeing so many friends and family that came to the park for Hills Alive.  Christian music and that festival have been a BIG part of our lives for so many years- we felt SO loved.


We realized that we no longer “fit in” in america.. we still don’t “fit in” in swaziland… ahh, Limbo-what a beautiful place to be!


We have heart breaking stories, stories of hope, stories of joy, and stories of miraculous intervention all to share…just keep checking back here and at


SPECIAL thanks to the community of BEACH ND!!!  Enough funds given to build an entire new Carepoint building(where kids will come each day for meals, education, healthcare and bible clubs) at the no named community of Section 19!  OH we are SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

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