mitch & char

mitch & char

Wednesday, August 10

A humorous day ( yes there is a "u" is quite proper:-) )

So a missionary family (Prince family) started a new game.. I believe I scored 12 today.


How my day shook down:

Drove to Matsapha(town)-saw 1 herd of cattle.. 2 were peeing.  Saw 2 men on the side of the road peeing.

Early morning visit to police station to secure restraining order(it’s all good)-meeting delayed until tomorrow.

Departed for the Cup Global Leadership Academy in Mbekelweni.

Enroute-2 herd of goats (perhaps the proper plural is herds) crossing the road…at least 3 goats were peeing.  Oh yah, one more dude on the side of the road relieving himself.

Was encouraged and excited to spend time with 23 of Swaziland’s brightest (our GLA students)-these young adults INSPIRE us all.

Off to New Village to meet with a child..again, whilst driving 1 more man and 1 more cow(in the road) … you guessed it- Peeing

Spent time at New village while the child(a 2nd grader) wrote a lovely letter to her sponsor in America in English(I LOVE IT when these worlds collide)

Prayed with the teacher and child and headed out towards Mvutjini

You will never believe what happened next!

Had to wait 10 minutes for a local herder to move his cattle down the winding dirt path-up and down hills…and lots of “action” (I lost count) took place

Got to Mvutjini-spent time with 2 very special kids (and saw more writing letters to their Mission of Mercy sponsors) delivered gifts and prayed with and for the community women and teachers. Played with a  few kids on a seesaw.

Took off to head back to Mbabane(where the cup office is).. and along the side of the highway… one more fella releasing fluids.


Yes, sometimes you have to make a game out of your day-and This Is Africa.  I scored a loose 12 on the “CowWhizzer” scale as created by the prince family.  Points for every animal(including human) seen peeing in close proximity!  (I am still giggling)- Mitch



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