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mitch & char

Tuesday, September 20

Peace in a storm

Odd that one can feel so safe in the middle of what can be construed as chaos.  The past two days here  have brought about major strikes and protests..this time it is the Khombie drivers(public transportation bus drivers).  Lots of speculation as to why they are protesting, but they have ceased the transportation for folks to go home in the 2 largest cities(ours included).  This is a country that relies HEAVILY on forms of public transportation.  10% of the population have vehicles…walking and khombie are how everyone gets everywhere.

Protests brought police, beatings, rubber bullets, fights, stones, shouting, mobs, burning tires, etc…

FIRST OF ALL- we take NO chances, and instruct all of our staff to avoid any and every crowd.  Today we even locked  the office(locking staff inside) until everything in the community dissipated.  The reality is that they are not upset at us, but you never want to be near a mob-never know if/when they could turn.

So why would we feel so safe and comfortable?  I believe it is an inexplicable “God thing”.  Someone once told us “The safest place to be is in the center of God’s perfect will”… well, that should sum it up!

Safe, ready for bed, resting and having a nice cup of tea(afterall-Swazi was british until the 60s)

Again-we promised not to “sugar coat” missions to you.  We owe you the good, the bad, the real, and the sad.  Rest assured- we are GREAT, passionate, and focused on the ministry ahead-  GOD is doing some AMAZING things in Swaziland!

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