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Saturday, October 1

Update from Mitch n Char - Education is key

One of our kids “Siyabonga” is 12.  He is in the 2nd grade (pictured above with the big smile).  He wants to finish school and be a pastor


The other photo is of “Ncgamphalala” .  He is 9 and in the 3rd grade.  He loves math and wants to be a teacher.  We asked if where he would be if he was not in school.  His response broke my heart. “I would be herding cows for the rest of my life”…


There has been so much that God is doing in Swaziland.  We are in awe that He is revealing himself in every detail-big and small.  We trust that He knows about and has the solution to what we are going to share with you and ask for your help with.

We try not to make outright appeals for folks to get involved, but we are seeing a pending desperate need arising. 

We cannot and will not comment on the government or political situation here in Swaziland.   With that, we are facing a catastrophe with the Orphaned and Vulnerable children here in Swaziland.  The government was covering their school fees (in some classes 75% of students fall into this category).

School fees bring education, education brings ideas, opportunities, and employment-and we know that anywhere in the world-that is one of the biggest keys to break the cycle of poverty.

Char and I have had a dream that we could help at least 200 kids with school fee, uniform and levy’s assistance.  Here is how that breaks down:

Primary school – around $125 for fees and $50 for uniform(schools vary, but this would be average)

Secondary school- anywhere from $300-$700 for fees alone. 

Average unemployment here is close to 50%, average wage for those working is around $140 per month(and that is considered fair-good pay). 

As you can see- people here can simply not afford to pay for their children’s education.  Most homes average 10 persons living in them(neighbors, aunties, grandmothers have all taken in neighborhood children that have lost parents)

Will you help us to help them?  Please prayerfully consider a special gift of any amount.  Go to , select donate and our names.  ALL new funds we receive in the next 2 months will be used to help kids like Siya and Ngampa (nicknames) go to school in January(our school year runs january-november)


God bless you, we miss you and love you-and are SO happy that YOU are allowing us to serve here in Swaziland.


Mitch and Char  <><


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