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mitch & char

Thursday, March 1

A day in the life

(mitch here) Usually I tend to have to spend more time than I like in the Cup offices.  Did you know that missionary life is not just playing with awesome kids? (although, that is a perk from time to time-but there never seems to be enough time).  My normal days are filled with meetings, government paperwork, accounting audits, report filing, counseling, coordinating, covering for absent leadership, driving (physically and pushing the staff to do more and more), cheer leading, making sure we are compliant with the government.. etc etc. (by now-you MUST be asleep).  Why do I do all this yucky American style business stuff?... read on.

But Thursdays are the days I LOVE.  The days that make all of the details and processes of overseeing a business/ministry worth it.

6:30am- up and at it

7:00am-leave the house

8am-devotionals with the leadership team at the office

8:20am-sort out directions for the day, make sure bills paid, staff has questions, etc

9:00am-Go to Mbekelweni for Global Leadership Academy- worship and pray with the interns

10:00am-Teach on personal finance and business from a biblical perspective(these young adults are thirsty for any knowledge they can glean)

11:30am-Visit a CarePoint-meet with bomake(women that volunteer and cook)-bring juice and cookies, meet with teachers(staff that serve our kids every day), talk about ways to do things differently, better.  Needs, wants, etc.  Pray, encourage, and then… a good 30 minutes of rolling in the dirt playing with kids!  Teach the kids a simple lesson.. grab a plant and talk about the vine and the branches, if I pulled it out of the ground when I arrived(which I did) it is already withered.  Simple, practical lesson.

1:30pm-Visit another CarePoint-repeat above, talk about school fees, shoes and assistance. Feed kiddos a big healthy meal, roll in the dirt with kids-sing some songs, play a few games(in the circle)-practice siSwati with the kids- they laugh as the Malungu(white guy) Malume(uncle) tries…then we hug for a good 10 minutes.  Remind them that Jesus loves them, and have them recite a verse by memory.

3:00pm-meet with a government office (have had 8 appointments since November, and conveniently each time they forget to tell me it is canceled…or decide to not come out of their office)

4:00pm-meet with directors of IANF(I am not forgotten) see how our HIV positive orphans are doing, what we need, pray, share success stories, challenges, loss-determine next steps and direction

5:00pm- siSwati lessons(I still can not figure this language out---too many clicks, grunts and spits I guess)

6:00pm- meet a group of awesome missionaries for a special meal (we eat out around once a week)-tonight- it is Chinese(sort of).  Where we get to debrief about ministry, lives and love.

8:00pm-home to shower and plan for Friday, catch up on work missed by being out of the office (lol)

9:30pm-hug a pillow and fall asleep(hopefully, this week Char is in Johannesburg for a worship conference with Jesus Culture)

There you have it- a day in the life.. (my preferred day of the week)


True Grit Teen Blogger said...

I'm so inspired by you guys!! I'm praying for you and all of those wonderful children!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! I'm so happy that you we're called to do the work that you makes me proud to know you! msargent