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Friday, March 2

Pray for Swaziland and Mozambique - Tropical Storm Irina

We just received this message from the US Embassy…Cyclone due to make landfall soon.  3rd one this year-resulting in major flooding.  With the corn harvest fast approaching, this could be devastating to the country.


Tropical Cyclone Irina


This message is to advise you that Tropical Cyclone Irina, currently in the Mozambican Channel, is forecast by several weather models to make landfall in southern Mozambique on Sunday or Monday as a tropical storm.  Although forecasts are not in full agreement at this time, it seems likely that Swaziland, southern Mozambique and parts of South Africa will be receiving a large amount of rain in the coming days.  The storm is expected to be mostly a rain event, but with any tropical storm, strong or even damaging winds may accompany the storm.


You should take appropriate precautions to protect yourself from the storm, including staying away from rivers and other potential flood zones.  You should follow all official government instructions regarding storm preparations.  All U.S. citizens in flood affected areas should safeguard their travel documents (i.e., U.S. passport, birth certificate, picture IDs, etc.) by placing them in a secure, waterproof container (plastic bag) and carrying them at all times.  U.S. citizens are reminded to keep friends and family in the United States apprised of your whereabouts.  We encourage you to monitor weather reports regularly because the projected path of a cyclone may change rapidly.


For information on the cyclone’s current track see the following websites:


UN World Metrological Organization:

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