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mitch & char

Friday, September 21


Adrian Plass recorded the below reading with his calm and smooth lightly English accented voice years ago.  We found it today when going through some of our music.  Oh what a great word picture.  We so often cling to what we are comfortable and complacent with, yet I find myself pondering too; what will Heaven be like?  I am sure that unborn babies are afraid of the world they are about to enter, perhaps it will be that drastic or even more so.  The bible makes it sound like a beautiful wonderland.  No more sorrows, tears, pain.  Thousands of years of praising.  I think Music is close to God’s Heart:


When I’m in heaven,
tell me there’ll be kites to fly;
the kind they say you can control,
although I never did for long.
The kind that spin and spin and spin and spin,
and sulk and dive and die,
and rise again and spin again,
and dive and die and rise up yet again.
I love those kites.

When I’m in heaven,
tell me there’ll be seasons when the colors fly;
poppies splashing flame through dying yellow, living green,
and autumns burning sadness
that has always made me cry...
the things that have to end.
For winter fires that blaze like captive suns,
but look so cold when the morning comes.
I do love the way the seasons change.

When I’m in heaven,
tell me there will be peace, at last.
That in some meadow filled with sunshine,
filled with buttercups and filled with friends,
You will chew a straw,
and fill us in on how things really are.

And, if there is some harm in laying earthly hope at heaven’s door, all in this saying so,
well, have mercy on my foolishness, dear Lord.
I love this world you made.
It’s all I know


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